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What People Are Saying

“Victoria Reinertsdatter is my go to advisor. She has been for years. No matter the medium she has an almost uncanny ability to sift through the static and bring out what you NEED to hear. Not want. Need. Put Victoria on retainer and you’ll never go to another reader.”



She gave me a joke reading with the Fantod deck and it came true. Don’t get a reading with the Fantod deck.



“I really enjoyed your reading. While all of it described my relationship with my best friend, some of the things listed we had already moved past, but it was still extremely accurate to how our friendship has developed. It was just an exceptional reading overall, and it was great to learn more about each other. I LOVED it. Also, I’m fairly certain she and I are a power couple that are going to take over the world 😀 Thank you SOOOO much!!! You are amazing!!!”


I recently booked my first private reading with Victoria, because I was looking for some advice and perspective on my career path. I had multiple options and all of them looked equally promising.
We both live in the St Louis area, so rather than booking a Skype reading, we agreed to meet at the Zoo.
I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, but I have been a fan of her astrology work for a long time, which is always spot on. She had also given me an annual forecast based on Tarot and Runes at the beginning of the year, which still continues to prove itself accurate.
The setting at the Zoo, in the grass surrounded by nature quickly put me at ease and I laid out the situation I was inquiring about. She selected the right deck for the type of topic at hand and began a series of straight forward questions, each probing down the different paths laid at my feet.
The results consistently showed the same themes (wands, coins, Queens and Pages), which she interpreted for me and we discussed my next steps. Towards the end of the session, my romantic relationship came up and she switched decks for a quick verification of the previous results and their influence on my love life.
Again, the result of the draw were clear and simple, an unambiguous confirmation of the earlier results.
I booked an hour reading. The time flew by so quickly, but I felt like all my questions and options were discussed deeply and I found useful and meaningful results.
Once our time was up, we parted ways with my head full of ideas and an optimistic plan to set in motion.
I implicitly trust Victoria’s skills and insights and greatly value her advice. After several written readings, this in person session was fantastic. I was very grateful that she was able to take the time to meet me in person and give me a better understanding of her work. After learning more, I respect and admire her deep understanding and old knowledge even more.
So long as we’re in the same region, I’ll keep asking her for face to face readings. I feel like it’s a privilege for me to be able to access her talent and skills in a private and personal setting.

Dead Strippers and Shadow People


I don’t know if the tequila is to blame. The gentlemen’s club I frequent had a big party for its anniversary. The headliners were a freak show act that was very entertaining and we all thought Victoria was there for the same. We were wrong. She is highly entertaining and funny but her readings had people in tears. As the night went on she kept mentioning that a woman was talking to her and accurately described a former dancer who had been killed. The scariest thing was when she went to the VIP lounge. I am a very large man but everyone knows the urban legend about this shadow figure and it scares me to death. She looks up, wiggles her fingers and smiles at the thing but this drunk frat guy was riffing on her a bit at the time. She gave the lady being bothered look in the direction she said the shadow figure was in and I am not even joking, dude’s legs went out from under him. When I asked her what happened she just shrugged, smiled again and said something like drunk assholes fall down what’s weird about that before she just went right into another reading. Whatever she does she does it well and I recommend her to anyone looking for something different.