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Please note: though sometimes I can deliver these much more quickly, on single reports you can expect to receive your first report within 24-48 hours. If you would prefer to book an appointment or consultation with me, you may do that by going to my scheduling page.

Subscription Lunar Return services go out the same day, each month unless otherwise specified.

For larger report packages, expect a series of emails. Please be sure to check your spam folder.

Be sure to include the:

Time of birth if known- if not known, do not guess. Just say you don’t know. 
Place of Birth 

Current Location

And contact email 

In your orders. Your privacy is definitely assured, I can’t even really ever create my own email list, let alone mess with anybody else’s. If you would like to order more than one report, please feel free to email me at vheidr@fluidsparkmedia.com and I will set that up for you.

Yes, you absolutely can order reports for someone else, in fact, these days: I recommend it, wholeheartedly.

Natal Report Package

Includes a Cosmo Basic Natal Report

To see a sample of this report without time of birth, click here. 

To see a sample of this report with time of birth, click here. 

Also includes:

Major Life Themes Report

Harmonics Highlight Report

Sabian Symbols Listing

This report is $10.00 with the proceeds of each sale going to SAIL Rescue. Order here. 

Lunar Return Report

To see an example of this report, click here. While you’re there, why not Like my page? Then, you won’t miss out on my horoscopes and other great content. You can order these reports as a stand alone, for $10.00 NOW ON SALE FOR JUST $5.00- try it today and see what you think by clicking here. 

Lunar Report Subscriptions

Get it and forget it- each month you’ll get your lunar report right in your inbox for a nice cosmic to do list for the month ahead.

3 Months $25.00

6 Months $35.00

12 Months $50.00

Solar Return Reports


Your Solar Return happens each year around your birthday, yet, you’ll find the influences blend together. To see a sample of this report, go here.  To order yours, go here. 

Basic Compatibility Report– $25.00

To see a sample of this report, go here. To order it, go here.

The Compatibility Background check is the above report, as well as the natal report packages for two partners.  This option, for a two partner relationship or otherwise is $50.00. To add additional partners for poly relationships, first: please specify and make sure you have complete birth data for all parties involved. Please add $10.00 for each additional partner. (You will receive an email both confirming that all birth data is included as well as explaining how this process works.) You may order this here. 

Please note: You will not receive a multi person composite, but rather, several different combinations of composites and synastries. If you would prefer to order a multi person composite- this requires a consultation and a whole mess of time, effort and math: but yes, it can be done. Well, by some of us, anyway… book a free half hour consult or shoot me an email and I can go into how that works.

I do have other report options available, and I do in fact, offer tarot readings. I do not, however, have time as of this writing to list them all out- so, if you are at all interested, feel free to email me or pop on over to my Facebook page and shoot me a message.