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Fairly Close to Instant Report Options

You must send me:

A contact email


TIME and LOCATION of Birth


What report or reports you are ordering.

Whether you’re getting one done for yourself or someone else. If you don’t have time of birth, let me know- don’t guess. We can book an appointment if you would like to rectify your time of birth but I can pull up information even without doing that. 

If you have specific questions or other concerns, you’ll need to book an appointment for a reading with me. I am currently booked through mid-July, and the instructions and pricing for appointments will pop back up around that time.

Basic Natal- $5.00

Expanded Natal- $10.00

Compatibility Report- $10.00

Predictive Shit-

Solar Return Option 1- $10.00

Solar Return Option 2- $10.00

Both Options- $15.00

Lunar Return Single Month: $5.00

Lunar Return 6 Months: $15.00




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