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Ordering and Getting Free Astrology Reports

Do you want a free astrology report?

What exactly are you getting in a free astrology report?

If you don’t know your time of birth- it’ll look like this. 

If you do, it’ll look like this. 

Actually, it’ll look a little different because I tend to throw other things in there and also, that’s mine. Yours is going to be yours, obviously. I send them in the body of an email so you can read ’em on your phone and attach a PDF for your convenience.

FIRST- Go here and tell me something that makes you happy on my Facebook wall. 

You may wanna like my page, I regularly announce give-aways, host free live one card tarot readings, and I guess my blog’s alright, too.

THEN- send me the information below in a private message- If you don’t do this, I won’t do anything for you. Sorry.

A contact email


TIME and LOCATION of Birth

Location being: city, state, country. Don’t send your full address, I don’t need that or want it. 


If you didn’t get a report, but you did these things- check your PM and make sure you sent ALL of that information. If you don’t know your time of birth, just say so, that is fine.


If you have specific questions or other concerns, you’ll need to book an appointment for a reading with me.

These are not free readings- I am sorry but due to the high volume of requests, I can only send the free report and it make take me a bit, depending on my workload to get yours out to you.

Do not book a reading with me if you are unfamiliar with my style. 

If you’d rather just purchase a report, here you go-

Basic Natal- $5.00

Expanded Natal- $10.00

Compatibility Report- $10.00

Predictive Shit-

And you absolutely can get a free astrology report like these, too: but be sure you let me know that’s what you need. Or, as I said, and I completely appreciate all orders, simply order one.

Solar Return Option 1- $10.00

Solar Return Option 2- $10.00

Both Options- $15.00

Lunar Return Single Month: $5.00

Lunar Return 6 Months: $15.00




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