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Questions About Cartomancy

Some of you know, some of you do not- I got my start way back when I was a wee little shit with cartomancy. This is due in part to my dad being probably one of the best storytellers I have ever known, growing up- and partly because that’s usually where people get started on these things.

My first deck was a Lenormand deck, gifted by a friend and it just went from there- Lenormand is always going to be my first love when it comes to these things.

I am not putting a whole lot of time into promotion of these things just yet as first: man, you love something, you oughta be able to do it in a way that is not only enjoyable to you but informative and helpful to those you’re doing it with. 

I’m gonna say this, and I mean absolutely no ill will here- in fact, if you’ve got friends who do this: love them. Like their posts and say shit on those posts because:

Doing Tarot Card of the Day Posts and horoscopes is a HUGE CHORE. 

I’m going to say it louder for those in the back, if you know somebody who does these- or shit, does horoscopes, or whatever: It is a chore. It is a chore that is meant to do a lot of things, the first of which usually being- to promote your friend’s small business venture. The second, usually is kinda personal to the reader doing so: but you know, giving back, or just getting into a habit, those sorts of things. Most of us dig helping people out.

I, personally am all about chores- most of my “relaxing” hobbies resemble a whole lot of work to other people- so this is not a negative thing coming from me but: you should know, it’s an effort someone made and treat it that way. 

The disrespectful crap I often see on the efforts people make so you can have free, helpful shit- is pretty messed up. It’s one thing when it comes from the Dawkinsy atheists and all that- but, the biggest group doing it usually isn’t the doubter crowd. It’s the believers who feel entitled to more more more. I’ve seen crap about “god given gifts” and let me tell you something about how gods work: that is not it. There is not one single thing on the planet that isn’t an exchange. Not one. So stop using god to justify your cheap tacky grabby hands.

Frankly, I tend to try to avoid notice by gods and the like as much as I can as that really doesn’t usually end well anyhow. Anyrate.

My point here is that this is something I REALLY enjoy doing- and I love watching people learn to do it and learn to love it also. Additionally for those who don’t particularly want to learn to do it: I love reading for people. Cartomancy has always been this wonderful method by which you can transition someone who’s feeling confused or afraid or whatever- into this step at a time walk through of thinking it out, for me. I mean, sure, there’s the woo factor and man, has it ever been eyeball popping at times: but the more concrete is that, right there. And it’s great.

So, the questions I have gotten in terms of offering both lessons and readings with whichever card style- I’m having a tough time deciding what kind of pricing I’m going with on it. For now, if you book a reading with me: I tend to work with both astrology and cards wherever I see fit and that’s working pretty well.

That said, yargh. The boring ass business end of things which often needs attending to- and since I committed to doing the boring ass business end of things with someone who is not a mullet, eg no party in the back: I work through each of these things methodically weighing options before I pop out with it.

I haven’t decided yet, so please sit tight. Yes, I still work with cards, I just do not have the card specific end of things outlined, yet.






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