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Actual Work At Home Resources

I am making this post because it seems like, all day, every day- I am inundated with ads and the like which promise big things: but really, are business ventures requiring resources that many people don’t have and that typically, don’t work out. If you happen to run one of these downline, MLM bullshit things- just sit down. I don’t care.

I also checked out a number of local employment pages and groups on Facebook and I have seen you vultures all up in the comments.  I am not in a habit of arguing with it before I flush.

For those who are disabled, for those who don’t have transportation, for those who for whatever reason are looking for work at home options- I am going to sit down this morning and make this list. I don’t get anything for this and I am in no way affiliated with any of these pages or sites. I am not offering a job, nor am I in a position to do so: I am, however, going to help you clear away some of the tremendous clutter.

  1. First off, if they’re asking you for money to work- the odds are pretty good it’s either a so-called “business opportunity” or a flat out scam. Occasionally you’ll find companies that want you to pay for your own background checks- whether or not they’re scams depends on the company, and I’ll help with that in a second.
  2. Freelance writing, regardless of what any dipshit ass coach or otherwise will tell you- is probably not gonna make you rich.
  3. That phone sex hotline, psychic hotline, or webcam studio? It won’t either. I am in  no way shaming any of these: it’s just this is another area I tend to see “THOUSANDS of dollars!” touted- and that’s simply not true. That doesn’t mean you can’t earn a living this way- it just means it ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.
  4. Freelance taxes are different. Freelance life is different. In the US, at least: we do not have much in the way of things to protect us from…well, assholes who exploit that fact.

This list is, of course, by no means exhaustive. The forum I used to adore went down sometime either earlier this year or late last year after ages of being an amazing resource: but as of the time of writing this, the resources I am listing are there and are useful.

A note about Flexjobs and other “pay for job search” sites: I am not saying that you won’t get a job that way- I personally find the business model abhorrent and exploitative, because it seems to me that it should be the companies listed which should pay, not the job seeker. I am also not listing Ziprecruiter or Indeed or sites like them as I have seen them allow for far, far too many scams to just run rampant. Ziprecruiter, in particular where I was harassed repeatedly by a “sales” company which was just a very thinly veiled MLM. Craigslist can sometimes be useful in searching for these kinds of jobs- but, usually only as a starting point. Of all of the sites I mention in this paragraph, I’ve seen more crappy scams running just wild and free there- so, if you choose to use it: do your due diligence. 

While you absolutely CAN find jobs on all of these sites- I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to utilize some of the resources I’ll list in terms of forums for searching for facts about the companies to which you apply, first. And always remember- if it sounds too good to be true: it probably is. 

With any of these-

There are steps that tend to lead to people getting jobs and steps that typically do not. Those steps are:

  • Create and edit a good resume.
    The forums and a couple of the writing sites I’ve listed often have tips for doing this.
  • Look for job listings: whenever I do this, I tend to open a Google docs document in another tab, copy and pasting the address of the listing or ad as I go.
  • Research those job listings by using the search function on the forum.
  • Ask questions in the appropriate sub forum if you can’t find anything.
  • If all looks good- write a relevant cover letter. I usually would pop a couple things I observed about the company and why I was applying based on that followed by why I feel I’d be a good addition.
  • Submit the cover letter, resume, per the listing instructions. You usually also have to fill out a job application- just keep your resume up in another window and slog on through. Go down your list like that.

These steps don’t tend to get the job:

  • Posts asking for work. Now, I have seen people admit to being overwhelmed by the amount of information and otherwise get support and encouragement: but like anything else, there are people who seem to get off on the misery of others.  It’s just more productive to take the steps outlined above.
  • Posting on someone’s questions about a job, or someone’s announcement of having gotten a job- asking for how to apply. They’re gonna get really rude to you. Just don’t do that. 

Though I absolutely can work in my pajamas and in the comfort of my own home: a lot of people go into this thinking that it’s somehow less effort. No, working at home is much MORE effort. It is stressful, demanding, requires a lot of discipline and structure. Start off on the right foot by taking the initiative as I outlined above: you’ll probably be just fine.


Vanilla Resources:

Meaning, non-phone sex, etc options

This site offers an exhaustive list of existing work at home options in all sorts of fields from writing to tech support, broken down by a variety of factors such as employed or independent contractor status. Not only that, they post new job listings every day and are tremendously useful that way.

This is a forum that came up to replace workplacelikehome- which is the site I mention above that was awesome but vanished. What is AWESOME about it is that in addition to LISTING work at home jobs that people find: they also discuss them. Which means, you can typically do a search on any given company and find people talking about what you can expect- or if it is a scam.

This forum, to be honest- used to be a hell of a lot more useful. It is still an okay resource, but ever since they sold the site: it’s just not as great as it used to be and to be honest, workathomarena is better. That said, it is another place you can find job listings, support, and people talking about various job options.

Great site, listing not only tips and tricks for freelance writers but offering regularly updated jobs lists.


A Note About Upwork and Freelancer and Fiverr

I personally think both Freelancer and Fiverr are utter dog shit. There, I said it. If you want to expand your search to include those- be my guest but I am not going to give them the accolades you often see because I don’t think either of those sites deserve them. I think Fiverr undervalues a lot of different creative fields and I think Freelancer is full of people who’d pay you in farts if they were allowed to do so.

Upwork is a bit of a 50/50 proposition in terms of my willingness to suggest it. I have had some amazing clients that I did in fact, find on Upwork. Unfortunately, the competition is insane- and it tends to be competition against people who have been at this for decades or people who accept pay in farts. Not a job in itself, it is a platform for which you create a freelancer profile and you search for jobs- and some reach out to you to invite you to apply to their jobs. Make sure you pay attention to their ratings, which you’ll usually find on the bottom of the listing and also: pay attention to how much they’ve paid out. A bit of a tip- though you’ll see it constantly: don’t copy and paste your job bids. People who do this are the ones who will take literally any low ball these people want to pay.

Unfortunately because those people have been all over for decades: often, these would be clients now believe they can get quality for what those who do not produce it will accept. While yes, you might want to take on a couple of lower paying gigs to get your profile some traction- you don’t have to stay in low-ball land. If you stay in low ball land, do not be at all surprised when you meet the asshole. It’s in pretty close proximity, ya know?

Not So Vanilla Options

There are a plethora of marketplaces out there for independent phone sex operators, erotica writers, and web cam performers. For the sake of brevity- I am only going to list one job site and one great forum for researching this sort of thing. You’ll typically find that there are also options for psychic and tarot gigs in these- and also, the forum I am going to link to discusses these and offers support and resources for getting started and working on those independent platforms.

Please, please, please make sure you research the companies and otherwise you find should you opt for this. If creatives have very little legal protections- sex industry workers have even less. 

I have absolutely no experience uploading a resume to these sites and looking for work that way- and you don’t really have to: you can look through the listings without doing it. I couldn’t say if going the sign up route improves your odds or not. 

Website offering job listings in the adult industry in a variety of different areas.

An absolutely excellent resource for all things adult industry and a bit of tarot/whatever industry as well. Admittedly, populated by people who are understandably more salty than those in the vanilla forums I mention above- but you would be, too. However, if you want to know ALL about a company: believe me, you’re going to get the unvarnished truth. There are also forums for support and resources in getting set up with independent work on the markets- and finding those markets.

In Conclusion

I know this is not a very big list- however, I have noticed a lot of people looking for work who have unique needs that involve things that finding legitimate online work would certainly meet. I hope that this helps.










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