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What’s a Reading With Me Like?


Well, in one case, a polar bear came up to me and put its paw on the glass to an absolutely enchanted crowd of small children.

I’m not kidding. It was great.

Before you book a reading of any type- first, read my bookings page. I warned you. Familiarize yourself with my style. I am in fact, bringing Caustic Compassion back.

Did it go somewhere? I don’t know. I thought it was witty, but it probably wasn’t.

If you’re already familiar with me and you’ve already done that: just go book the reading on my booking page: here.  

To answer a frequent query: Yes, I absolutely am on drugs. Those drugs are Prilosec and heavy duty antibiotics as well as migraine meds from time to time. Beyond that: yeah, no, this is just me.

How Readings Usually Work-

Please note, any appointments booked will either be stand by or for after August 17th. I have a list of stand bys at the moment, so I would advise liking my Facebook page or booking in advance. Autumn is going to be a little nuts with events. 

Click on this link to go to my page, I’ll announce when I’ve got an opening there after I’ve notified those on standby. 

You MAY want to opt for email readings. Those I can tuck in here and there, so, if you’ve missed the window for live readings- that’s an option. It’s also an option if you’d just prefer it.

Whether it’s by email, phone, Skype text chat or in person: you pay for your reading at the time you book it and I very rarely offer refunds. I will however, usually reschedule. I do not offer refunds because the reason this usually happens is some uptight numpty didn’t familiarize themselves with my style and got pissed I didn’t validate whatever really atrocious life decision they were making. Yeah, no. I do not do that. 

Nor do I put up with harassy bullshit, attempts at free readings, (I offer free chart reports. That, in and of itself is a LOT of work even with my awesome program but I dig it.) or foolishness. If you ask me for a topless reading, I’ll simply inform you that: 1. I look like a busted tin of biscuits under there. and 2. That’ll be $50 more per hour. Trust me, camgirls are much less expensive.

So, you buy the ticket and you take the ride- this begins with my asking you for your birth data. This isn’t some weird shit data collection thing, it isn’t some witchy attempt at figuring out your weaknesses- it’s because this is how astrology works. I don’t particularly give a shit who you are, no. There is no reason for paranoia. I am incredibly serious about the privacy of my clients.

You tell me what you want me to look into and what you’d like to explore, because I am going to need to look at your chart and shit beforehand to be efficient. I will likely send you a package of astrology reports ahead of time- this is because often, they bring up questions and people like exploring that further: which, I can do. Or I can look into just about anything you want.

I either call you or I meet up with you after that at the time of your appointment.

See? Pretty easy. Usually I will follow up with an email or two, nothing major. During your reading, we will go over the subjects you’ve asked me about, we’ll rant, I’ll get you ranting because you probably need to- and we’ll talk about the choices you can make and possible outcomes. You can ask me questions, and if I feel like we need to go longer and we’ve both got the time- we probably will. That said, whether or not I have the time and energy to do it is at my discretion.






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