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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Insert Not Entirely True But Entirely Marketable “rare” bit here.

Rescue rehab baby busy season begins.

Ha. Ahem. Anyway.

If you have yet to ascertain that “regularly scheduled tarot” is some kind of inside joke- it totally is. I am absolutely terrible about doing these things when the mood strikes.


Okay, so, I have already seen several references to the “rareness” of the lunacy to hit in a few days. Simmer down, old as the universe happens to be: rare is…remarkably relative. And often misused in such cases. (And I am not making fun of you too much here: I, too, made that mistake at one point and properly had my balls busted on it. It happens.)

Is it nifty? Oh shit yeah, it’s nifty. Astrologically significant? That, too. But, truth be told you can’t fart sideways at the dog star without it meaning something, so, really, it’s just to what degree and the details we need to go into here.

A great example of this in action- I don’t know if you recall a while back but Pastor John Hagee, an asshole of supreme self importance and …Blitz. I can’t remember his first name. Anyway, essentially, two preachers decided the tetrad which began in the Spring of 2014 and ended autumn of 2015 was…

But, Sam and Dean Winchester stopped it.

No, it just didn’t happen and frankly, anybody who thinks they’re somehow different because their religious flavor happens to be different is inexcusably full of shit. You’re just not making quite the profit off this crap as they are. Admit it and grow up.

The Aphelion, Blood Moons and…Yes, This One IS Rare

So, here we have this month’s lunar eclipse. It’s a full lunar eclipse which happens to be the one that does absolutely have some incredibly cool things about it. For instance, yes, it is a blood moon.

Here’s what happens- and it sounds poetic and beautiful to me. The sunlight scatters, sending the normally violet and blue wavelengths scattering also. This then goes through our atmosphere and because the eclipse creates an indirect path for this to happen: the moon will take on this deeper reddish hue. The rare part, here is that we have not had an eclipse of this length in the 21st century, so: roughly a hundred years ago was the last time you could watch one for the 1 hour and 43 minutes you’ll be treated to with this one. Unless you’re in places where it’s not such great visibility: you can find that out by popping your information in at here.

I’ve been fighting this urge this entire time. I just can’t, anymore. Here. You just be glad you’re not here, listening to me caterwauling this at 6:30 in the morning, right?

Oh and yes, I absolutely went from this to Pink Floyd Brain Damage/Eclipse and the thing is, well…let me get to that.

Okay, so that super smart sounding word in my subtitle- the Aphelion explains another reason this one’s going to be really beautiful. The aphelion is when a planet is as far from the Sun as it will get.

Breaking the word down, the Greek is: apo– which means far, and helios– the sun.

Two weeks following our June solstice, the Earth is at what’s called the aphelion point and in December, you’ve got the perihelion. Guess what peri is? Gold stars and sugar cookies- it means close. More or less.

So, at the same time- technically speaking, the New Moon we just had on the 13th was a Supermoon, but you didn’t see it because well, new moon. When the moon is between the Sun and the Earth, you get the illusion of not being able to see it. This is clearly not that, but it’s what’s known as an apogean full moon- that is, it’s as close as the full moon’s gonna be to lunar apogee- roughly 252,415 miles and still coming in second. The first one was the day after my birthday, this year- January 15th.

So, what’s it gonna do?

Remember in my Mercury Retrograde post I talked about pissy bitches? Welp. June 27th’s Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius happens to be conjunct Mars in one tight ass “Get outta my personal bubble” way and of course, there’s Uranus stinking everything up. Mars is still retrograde so, frustrations are still being frustrating and in general, people are angrier and feeling more stifled or stuck so they may lash out. Mercury stationing retrograde the day before probably isn’t helpful. You might find all the repressed anger and frustration bubbles up. Shit happens.

I swear it isn’t bad. Breathe, breathe. Repression is bad. It bubbling up…well, that’s kinda a matter of you, isn’t it? How it bubbles up, what you do with it?


Two squares and a trine

Squares fucking suck.

Say, do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

First- this moon is square Uranus. Mood ….I don’t wanna say mood swings. Trebuchet? That seems more appropriate. Mars, retrograde, also square Uranus.

I told you, get your head out of Uranus.

In short: you may well feel like everything is holding you back and you just HAVE to make a sudden, crazy move. Don’t.

Unless…it really fucking matters. 

Getting into that trine, here- trines…I usually love trines but this is Saturn trine Uranus. It doesn’t get much more conflicting. Conflicting does not have to mean shitty as hell, however and the thing is- you channel the innovation and rebelliousness of Uranus with the discipline and structure of Saturn?

Yow-zah. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish. Take the old ways, polish them with the new: and you’ve got a winner. The thing is, often those things which push us to take the positive risks we need to are often incredibly upsetting and more often than not, utterly terrifying. Think being chased by a herd of rabid hyenas towards a cliff.

You fly or you die and quite often you discover wings you didn’t know you even had.

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