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Page of Wands

You should probably stop being such a mopey sad sack and be a bit more enthused for things. Unless you’re wanting to nap, in which case, you just nap as enthusiastically as you can. I can think of very few things that merit enthusiasm like a nice nap. Anyway, The Page of Wands is like this sort of get up and move your butt card, but in a good way.

Here’s the thing, though- enthusiasm can be a real pain in the ass or a really awesome thing- depending on what you do with it. I mean, I once knew a guy who was pretty enthusiastic about the way he smelled after a Taco Bell binge. Those sorts of things aren’t so great. The Page doesn’t really refer to flatulence, however. Morelike it is time to start over, but where in the hell do you begin?

I’m kind of wondering what card might refer to flatulence, now.

So, you start at the beginning but if you get scattered or you start impulsively- which you might feel inclined to do: you might get hung up by your ass. That’s bad. Unless there is leather involved and sometimes, that’s good. This doesn’t involve leather- it’s your plans, your dreams and your readiness to get going. Initiative’s a great thing.

The big message of this Page in particular, involves an almost child-like zeal. Ever watch a 5 year old not getting his or her way? That shit can happen, too. If you find yourself throwing a fit, screaming and wailing about the crap that hasn’t gone your way- you better stop. That’ll run people off quicker than Mr. Taco Bell up there.

Instead, consider channeling this energy a bit. First off, if you don’t- even if it’s a good energy, you’re liable to get all scattered and then, your Auntie Myrtle’s gonna give you the lecture about being a flake again. Trust me, been there, done that. It isn’t pleasant.

So…tap back into the child within you without dealing with the brat within you. Don’t rush into things, like you might feel you should- instead, tackle the planning, the organizing, and the getting things ready. If you are feeling kinda bitter and fucked up about everything that went to shit- take some time to process it and move along. You can put that energy into your new beginning, too- because very few people give less fucks than those who’ve already pushed and fallen on their ass. Take it, make something of it, and get a move on.

Instead of being a shitass or a flake: enjoy the adventures that actually do await you once you pair a good enthusiasm with you not giving a fuck. You’ll be glad you did.

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