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Well, I mean, it’s not like I actually went anywhere…

Yes, I am back on Social Media. I can be found on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

I would genuinely appreciate you not attempting to find me elsewhere- if I want to, when I get around to it, I will. I have quite enjoyed the quiet and wish to continue it but, some things fell into my lap and it merited actually publishing on those platforms. So, there you have it.

For those looking for booking info- it can be found here. 
If you’re looking for just a quick chart report- those can be found here. 

Because it has been brought up- and I laughed pretty hard: 

I had massive life changes. Quite a few were incredibly positive, but I now have all three of my boys living with me again and there have been quite a few deaths in the family. No, it wasn’t about you. Or you. It was pretty freaking hilarious how self centered some were about all of this- as well as how transparent those who were either looking for “the dirt” or fishing for some take on some thing were. No, darlin’. No. I ain’t got a bad thing to say about anybody and if you think I do- check your damn ego.


Because this happens far, far too often:

If you’re trying to get ahold of somebody else because said somebody else isn’t responding to you- you might try doing what I do when such a situation arises:

giphy (1)
Fuckin’ respect them. Leave shit alone. 

I talk to loads of different people and not a damn one of them owes you a response and I sure don’t owe being your conduit to benign stalking. So don’t. No, I will not tell So and So to get in touch with you. 

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