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Full Moon in Capricorn: June 27, 2018


I like to use the lunar cycles to work on my goals. One of the best ways that you can do this is getting your monthly lunar return report done- and you can get that here for just $5.00. Though I give a general overview of this month’s Full Moon in Capricorn, here- you’ll find that the interplay of the other planets tends to make a difference in how it all pans out for you.

The general idea is that things begin with the new moon and then, hit their peak with the full moon. Full Moons tend to be times when emotions run high and weird shit happens, and of course, if you’ve ever worked in an emergency room or similar- you know the old jokes. However, these are also times when you can think about what you’ve been working on- think about what it looks like when you’re out in the dark during a full moon. Just like a Full Moon lights up everything in the physical- you’ll find they also shine a bit of a light on some things you need to know.

The Full Moon in Capricorn hits June 27.


Now, I mentioned in my post about Mars retrograde that Saturn is retrograde right now, as well. For many people, this particular retrograde cycle can seem so limiting and restrictive- depression often becomes heightened. A lot of the things that you find really being thrown at you will involve responsibility- and it may seem as though there’s a lot on your plate. This particular Full Moon is conjunct Saturn and so, you’ll find that you feel a bit more serious than usual. You might feel like pulling back a bit and that’s actually not a bad idea- there are likely to be a number of situations that really illustrate the need to make some changes. If you’re already on the road to doing just that- you may find that you discover the kinks in your plans, this sucks, but it’s not a bad thing. It means you can straighten things out and continue going forward in a better way.

One of the bigger issues here is because of the Moon: the moon rules emotions. You may find that your homelife, issues with your family and loved ones crop up. Though you might be tempted to feel all alone and like everything’s gone to shit: it’s probably not as bad as you think.

This conjunction is a pretty tight one- and you’ll find these things kind of persist for about two weeks. You will discover that there’s a tendency towards vulnerability here and the best route is to open up- or allow yourself to be there for someone who needs to. Rather than turn these situations into something that creates a long term problem: you can in fact, sort out your feelings, deal with the guilt and really, make a start in moving on.

That tight conjunction really poses some issues with feeling held back. This holds particularly true if you’ve got some areas of your life where you have felt guilt or shame- additionally, you might pull back on things you probably shouldn’t. Take care not to allow your need to pull back to alienate those you care for- and take a long hard look at the bad habits that have wreaked havoc on your relationships.

If you want to get rid of those feelings of being stuck: the way forward tends to be to take responsibility for your own emotions and your own role in the way things move forward. Be careful though- with Saturn, especially in retrograde, not to lapse into some weird guilt trip that just depresses the shit out of you. Use the detachment, instead, to objectively view some things- and see them for just being problems to solve.

Generally speaking: if it involves the way somebody else has behaved or is behaving- there’s not much of shit you can do about that. How you’re reacting to it- that’s on you. While that seems very much like there’s no choice: there is. You know there is. You just have to make the difficult choice so you can get on with life. There is a slightly positive and rebellious influence at play in the way of a Uranus trine: but it’s not going to overpower Saturn retrograde and its conjunction. What it can do, however, is fuel a bit of a subtle undercurrent of hope for changes. The thing is, you may find that the best answers are completely weird: you might find that odd occurrences, unusual people and otherwise really help you see a different way of doing things or obtain a different perspective. In order to USE this, however, you’re going to really need to be ready to do it. Let go of shitty habits, work towards overcoming emotional wounds, and be prepared to do what you’ve got to in order to see it all the way through.




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