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Well, if you were right, I might agree with you…

Title means nothing beyond having scrolled just a little too far while reading the news this morning. My god, if Don’t Read The Comments is a rule- it’s one of those that goes triple for news sites. Talk about a fine blend of toxic mindsets and Dunning Kruger examples.

In dorky news: man, I got a major case of the giddies because we can add friends from all over on Pokemon Go now. You get to send and receive postcards from everywhere and that is just neat. I think the only thing that bums me out about it is, unlike the badges and whatnot: there’s no place to keep the postcards. Still, it’s really cool being able to see places all over the world.

Anyway- if such things are your cup of tea, feel free to add me. Bit of a warning, you’ll probably get a lot of historical locations. And pole animals.


And oh, yes. That avatar is…pretty damn close.



I am fairly sure that if anyone actually notices me as I run all over the city, they probably get a bit weirded out. Like, What the fuck is she doing?! as I usually am wearing a bread bag that gets shit thrown in it- or pushing Fish’s stroller which…has piles of plants stacked here and there.

I do shit. So sue me. There’s a huge fucking meadow-wort plant up the street and a whole lot of other things, if you care to look- which, I do. I realized a few things about what I do, and how bemoaning the fact that I no longer have acres and acres of woods all around to do it in was a stupid thing. The idea is much more expansive than that- and you have to care to look because caring to look is a big fuckin’ part of it. 

Oh and I am trying to teach myself to bake pie but, er…the presentation leaves a whole lot to be desired just yet.

Yes, that is Teucrium canadense, also known as American Germander or wood sage. I wouldn’t advise working with this one if you’re not familiar.  Neoclerodane diterpenoids will fuck your liver up. That’s atropa belladonna behind it (And you REALLY do not wanna fuck with that one.) , annnnd my pretty flowers which are a pain in my ass to work with- but so worth it are also shown. And ugly pies.

In short, I generally have shit hanging up all over my house. Tres stereotypical, I reckon.

For people who’ve asked me about foraging- particularly urban foraging: I really recommend you study a lot prior to doing so. If you’re studying and learning, there’s a really great app called Seek by iNaturalist that I recommend. I’m not affiliated, it’s just pretty great. I do not know if it’s available for Android or not- Fish just uses it to learn about plants and animals.

I do not write about how I use these things. Ever. Though there are people who I respect a great deal who do: I personally dislike the idea of putting that information out there both for reasons of tradition and because I don’t want to be responsible for what stupid shit people do with it. Some people do not consider themselves responsible, but I do. So, I don’t. You will also probably never, ever see any information about blots and other rituals- because those are highly private. (That and, well, I doubt rather highly you wanna see the slaughter portion.) About the biggest and firmest judgement, I have on that is: if you’re blathering your tribal shit all about, you’re just wrong. You’re wrong and that’s all there is to it. Wrong wronging wrong wrong. Ritual shit? Let me just say this: I don’t need to market it to validate it. Insert cheeky grin.

I might write about wights sometime. I don’t know. I have a funny theory on why land wight altars are often large stacks of stones- mostly due to there being rocks every-flipping-where in the soil I have been working for the past few years.

It is also loaded with freaking clay. And yet….well, so there.

Beyond that, my coursework. Oh my god, my summer courses are brutal. One is not, but the other two are just…man, between adjusting to life suddenly flowing with super awesome- albeit bickery stuff: woof. I am doing okay, though. Definitely learning.

I have also been sketching a bit here and there:

“Draw Wyatt farting”, Fish told me.

In terms of business, I’ve got a few events people have asked me to do which I am entertaining and, as you can see: I started writing about astrology again- for Mars Retrograde.  Kurt suggested that I create dummy social media accounts to have pages and I think the eyeball roll nearly broke my brain. That’s just not happening- however, I am kinda thinking about an email list, but I don’t know yet. So much depends on time constraints and priorities- and I tend to try to make sure things are worth my time, which…frankly, I now value above pretty much all else.

If you are at all interested in visual representations of my life as it stands: you can always go check out my Flickr account. 




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