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Rabbits, Axis and Allies


I have been exceptionally busy.

Some, no more than the usual- helping people with various research projects, most involving undoing their own problems with their forgotten dead. It’s a weird talent, but, I don’t mind. It’s really interesting, however, how many people are starting to better understand the detriment in forgetting their history- but, somewhat heartening.

My partner had World War 2 Weekend at Jefferson Barracks this weekend, which meant that for the most part- the weekend was pretty frantic for both of us for very different reasons. His were far more fun than mine. Chasing a 5 year old and managing a house full of rescue animals- in addition to a very disappointing health concern: never quite fantastic, but worth it. Granted the hormonal trainwreck did not make this especially pleasant- but, Semper Gumby and all that shit, you adapt and move on. These are the things we do, the give and take: just happens most of mine involve my nose in a book, a computer, or some files. UNTIL THEY DOOOO NOT-

So, Thursday, we were leaving to get my eldest when….baby season hits home. As in, our yard. For those who do not know, I’ve got a very large female great horned owl living in my oak tree in the back. Technically, I guess, we’re living in her house, because my landlord says she has scared the shit out of him on a number of occasions. More than once, I’ve stepped out on the back deck to find her, in the early morning hours doing that wide-gaze at me, from the top step.

This is wonderful and loads of people have mentioned all sorts of things about it- but one thing it definitely is: it’s not good for rabbits.

She had apparently kicked up a nest and our dog had gotten into her leavings, but Kurt didn’t know that at first. It’s possible she was interrupted in the act or maybe she’d grabbed her fill but, Buddy apparently decided to go for the rest and Kurt thought he had a dead bird. He yells at him to drop it and thinks nothing of it.

Until we go to get into the car to pick up my son and my youngest yells, “There’s something over here! It screamed!” He was convinced he’d stepped on it and the next thing I knew, they were calling me out of the car where I was engaged in jealous/possessive pouting. There was a baby rabbit and, nearby, more baby rabbits. That one had a crush injury from the dog and did not make it and of the remaining four- three had gashes that made me pretty sure this was a totally hopeless proposition.

So, of course I went for it.

One of the babies I was absolutely sure would need euthanizing- something I never developed the “callous” for, yet I do. The skin on one side of her had been ripped off entirely. I thought, well, we’ll see if she lasts the night first. They were all crawling balls of fur- all a bit tinier than they should be, a lot thinner and a bit dehydrated indicating mom was long gone. Eyes still closed but all I could think was that this little bitty one with the horrifying looking injury had to be in tremendous pain. I was sort of torn, so, I made up a warm soap bath to clean the wound and hopefully provide her a little pain relief.

The weekend rolled on but the health issue I mentioned was another early miscarriage. If I am being pretty honest with you: Man, I was HELL BENT on saving these babies. I typically am but I also typically know: shit, even domestic orphan rabbits are hard. Cotton tails? Woof. I always try, and I’m told I’ve got a higher success rate than most but yeah, I’m going to just cop to something else coloring my determination this time.

Long story not short at all, however…

That night the horrifyingly injured one, drank water as if she was fine. The next morning, the same, and when I started the bunny baby formula- which I altered this time to add honey to, thinking MAYBE that might be a gentle way to stave off infection in the shredded babies..she ate that greedily too.

Next thing you know…


My formula, forcing fluids, dressing the wounds with an herbal pack I created- you know what? This is no humble brag, I am genuinely proud of myself. They’ve started on a much higher fat/protein content formula now with Benebac in it because I don’t have access to an adult rabbit to get the night shits from (They have to eat that to prepare them for solids.) that works.

The little flayed gal is the tiniest and also, a little asshole which thrills my black heart to the cockles. The fight isn’t over, now I’ve got to get more weight on them, transition them to grasses and greens- and wait for them to be wild, which, they will. Then, release.

Anyway- then, JB. This year I’d intended to go to the dance all date night style but, frankly wasn’t up for it. Instead, we just hung out because honestly I didn’t want to slump around the house anyway. I didn’t get a shit load of photos this weekend- but I was re-learning my camera. Once they’re up, you’ll find the rest at my Flickr page where the above bunny video’s posted. This one, however, has to be my favorite. 🙂

On the way back home from the event, we had to do a detour through the city and I was seeing parts of it I had not. All of a sudden, there were cops literally everwhere, driving crazily- along with a mess of medical stuff and other cops down a road to our left at one point. Turns out, apparently, Sunday was a big day for shootings in St. Louis and we just so happened to drive smack in the middle of a manhunt for a shooter.

I was…exceptionally happy when my head hit the pillow at home by the end of it all. 😉

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