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So, about that lunar eclipse on the 31st…

So, the coming Lunar Eclipse on January 31st in Leo is an interesting one. Astrologically speaking, it’s interesting- but, the seriously neat thing about it is related to astronomy. This is actually the first total eclipse of a blue moon in over 150 years.

What’s a Blue Moon?

A fantastic song, with a lot of wonderful artists who sing it.

A blue moon doesn’t really have much to do with what color it is, but it does have more to do with frequency- once in a blue moon. This is simply another full moon within the cycle- sometimes it’s a third full moon, sometimes, the second full moon in a common calendar month. (More on this misconception in just a second)
Traditionally, it’s just an extra moon- you know, you go through the lunar cycles of a year and typically there are 12, whereas sometimes, there are 13 full moons. The confusion happened due to a misinterpretation in an issue of Sky and Telescope magazine, put out in 1946. It is not the 2nd full moon in a calendar month.
This was originally the Betrayer Moon. If you were Catholic and felt you had to continue giving things up for another month, you’d feel pretty betrayed, too and the original word was belewe– which would be the Old English for “to betray”. Generally speaking, people believe this came about because of the earliest documentation of its use coming from what was someone’s protest work at the time- he’d said, essentially, that he felt the Priests could say what they wanted and because people couldn’t verify it: they just had to go along. So, basically, if they said there was to be an extra month- you just had to believe them, and you had no way of proving it.
Valid point about clergy and other spiritual leadership, even now. You combat that sort of thing- in much the same way they did about the moons: education. Scholarship. This, I believe, is the way we also dismantle the cults of personality which pervasively create ripe grounds for predatory behavior: and oh, wait for it. Much, much more on that, later.

Actually Rare Events

So, often, we hear that some event is “rare” or somehow special. I know, I got nailed on one of those that wasn’t myself at one point a few years back- but, this time, if you look at the Canon of Lunar Eclipses: this one actually is. This will be the first total eclipse of a blue moon in right around 152 years.
It’s also a super moon, which just means it’s closer to the earth. Big ‘n’ pretty.

The Sabian Symbol for 11 degrees Leo is: Children Play on a Swing, Hanging From the Branches of a Huge Oak Tree.

Immediately made me think of the world tree- and all the ins and outs of its interpretation.

By Oluf Bagge – From Northern Antiquities, Public Domain, Link

Now, first off- remember what you were thinking about, gnawing on or dealing with during the much touted Solar Eclipse back in August. In this, I want you to consider every last bit of all that unresolved shit. I know many of you had a lot going on during that last half of 2017- well, guess what? It’s time to end some shit- but, it is also a wonderful time to start it. That usually happens when you hit a point of closure: which, since a few people have asked- I did. That’s really all I want to say about that.

No, I am not working with the wrong chart. Gimme a minute.

That’s quite a bit hanging out in Capricorn, isn’t it? Capricorn, well, that’s your long game and you can expect these themes to continue for about 3 years or so. There are also a couple things here I don’t usually include: but due to the decidedly feminine themes here, felt it was absolutely to the point. Why? Because that’s not just a shitload of planets in Capricorn.


By Blackbirds (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 at (, via Wikimedia Commons

Looking over at the 8th house, close to the cusp of Aries and Taurus. See that little thing, looks like Venus with sharper edges? (Oh, yes.) That would be Pallas Athena. Now, before my little vanishing act, I did mention the New Moon in Capricorn was pretty damn important, too. Let’s look back real quick: there was quite the Capricorn stellium there.

That’s not just a shitload of planets hanging out in Capricorn- that’s a stellium. Of course, tons of people wrote about it, with good reason. You look at that New Moon chart and as I mentioned, you do have Saturn, Pluto, The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn and then, you’ve got both Neptune and Chiron hanging out in Pisces. There’s some serious action going down in Scorpio as well. You may ask me why I am going on about Pallas Athena, given she’s not in that stellium: no, she isn’t. Nor is Uranus. But put it all together and you’ve got a square.

Tl;dr of it all is transformation but it’s not status quo- it’s very much grassroots. Any grassroots activist knows this next part, so let me shout it for those of you in the new age seats.

If you believe you’re going to “fix” a broken machine, you are missing the point. The machine was never broken but it is in fact, working exactly as it is designed to.

Users will always find a way to use: right up until you give them nothing to use. Whether they use it to further themselves or invalidate those who stand in the way of further control- that’s what they do. Until you stop it.

I have mentioned before that I find cannibalized versions of karma to be problematic for a lot of reasons: but holy shit is there a whole mess of seeds planted growing fruit. Does your plant have root rot? Many, many “communities” do. You don’t get rid of root rot by trimming the plant. You don’t get rid of it by loading the soil with more shit.

Oxygen usually helps- and oh, look at Aquarius. I have no commentary on whether or not Mercury’s move into it heralds the Age of Aquarius. I’m just gonna look at what it does mean and not speculate when I get to that. Ya’ll can keep that debate, I really didn’t like the musical anyway.

Now that we are up to speed, with all of that…

So, 11 Degrees Leo, right?
That would be a Master Number representing the Sacred Feminine. We are also talking about the Moon here. This is a continued theme as we go along- but, in this case, something happens. Certain factions of the same cause seem to be deeply at odds with one another- which, if you look, you’ve got the Moon conjunct Ceres. The Sun is also conjunct Venus and Juno, which is in opposition TO that Moon. That’s some fucked up conflict right there, is what it is.
This is about far deeper things than identity politics, by the way. That Aquarius influence there blurs some lines to the point of dismantling binaries. (And understanding what societal structures, what social norms have held us back, speaking of binary…) That’s pretty scary for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons but when you get at the heart of things: there is a decided lack of balance. Lots of people clinging to old ways, for what? Approval? Complacency?
Or, could these be continued echos and manifestations of wounds stretching back, a victimhood unrecognized, left to fester, so that the person never makes their way from victim to survivor?

Invariably when you’re heading into uncharted (Oh hai Scorpio) territory, you’re going to want to cling to something familiar, something you are used to, rather than exploring new concepts and perspectives- which, though a very normal response, often leads to re-victimization. History repeating itself.

There’s a T Cross here that needs discussing- starting with that fixed Aquarius energy.

In addition to Aquarius- there’s Scorpio and Leo in that cross. Now, that’s a mess of stubborn fixed energy is what it is. The point though: is Taurus.
What’s REALLY important to you? This is an interesting tug and pull of fixed energies, to be honest and I think a lot of it points to finding a balance: being able to take the stability of tradition and evolve, shaping new ideas and building something better. That’s one fat trine in with this, too- Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in there: healing has got to happen. Getting to the heart of the problems, too- there’s a lot of extraneous noise, a whole lot of distraction.
More than that, how on EARTH can you rebuild if you’re still trying to build on a bad foundation?
That’s one hell of an orb there with Pluto and Uranus, to boot: which shows another conflict, true grassroots, co-opped by the very same systems that exploited the shit out of everything in the first place.

Let me dial this back to Ceres, conjunct this lunar eclipse to the point they’re practically on top of one another. We talk about “sacred feminine”, we talk about things in the context of male and female but as I mentioned: you get into Aquarius and you’re looking at some mighty androgynous concepts. Oh, come on, don’t get stupid. What I mean here, is it is neither here nor there- it’s not just women who need this. Men who are sick of being seen as walking life support for their dick, dolts who are incapable of sensitivity or otherwise, just “not allowed” to feel, to nurture and on and on. The balance isn’t there and it won’t BE there, not with the way things are going. Time to kick it up a notch, face down some things and do that work.

Which, just so happens to be reflected in the polarity we see here. Though this is a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Ceres- and the Moon, are actually in the constellation of Cancer. Here, check it out– and don’t get confused: I’m just using this to illustrate that the point is not so much tipping the scales way the hell on to the other side- but rather, finally finding the healing and balance there and finally being able to understand better where the role of nurturing- and the role of momma bear comes in.

I have absolutely no question in my mind that shit is about to get very, very real. Those conflicts are going to be utilized by those who seek to game the existing system in tandem with the changes.

On a personal level, it’s time to take a long hard look at where all of these things tangle into one another- and why that matters, in addition to the things we find most important.  It’s well past time to get your shit together- but, in order to do that, you need to check your motivation.

Ask yourself what you want and if you’re truly willing to do what it takes to get it.




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