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Love, Astrology, Scams, and The Barnum Effect

Ya’ll. These posts are for absolute beginners. If you’re not- and you’re about to give some commentary about “Well, ALSOOOOO”- duh. However, walking people through the steps is important and so is not overloading them with too much, too soon. Also: if you don’t wanna see my rant and want to get right to the astrology- scroll down a bit.

Why have I been posting “I’m Venus in Sagittarius- and this is what it’s like to be with a Venus in (Whatever)” over on my Facebook Page? 

It’s the set up and companion for this series about love in your natal chart, but also, a really effective way to get people to think about and remember the impact of Venus in a natal chart.

Let’s talk about looooove. This is going to be a series- and it’ll kinda go in and out with my Lenormand Grand Tableau series. (Don’t worry, I’ll get back to that shortly- I had finals.) Before we get into the meat, here, let’s have an introductory appetizer. I need to ask you some questions, first:

  • Does your daily horoscope often not make much sense?
  • Do you find the compatibility between the signs just doesn’t seem to apply?
  • Were you tempted by “cusp signs”, because of this? (And oh, I will be getting into that later in the week. Spoiler alert: once you get into it, that “cusp sign” stuff is no longer very relevant. Oh and if you’re gonna bitch about this- please feel free to boost my engagement by doing so on my page.)

(Another spoiler alert about things like “the 13th sign”, Ophiuchus, your sign “changing”, “cusp signs” etc- though most experienced astrologers are far, far nicer about these things than I am, the truth is: listen to the chorus, honey. That’s about how we feel about it.

So if you’re gonna come at me with it- at LEAST make it worth my time by doing so on my page where I get some benefit beyond wanting to put a spork in my eye.)

Some of us also see you doing this in your smart ass comments trying to justify stuff we know is a misguided thing:

giphy (1)
I don’t give a shit how smart you think you sound defending that Ophiuchus shit…this is what I see in my head. It’s okay, honey, keep goin’- band aid’s off and the truth is SO much neater.

About Those Shitposts….

When you read articles about zodiac compatibility, you often see these shitposts. That’s the truth of it: they are shit posts. You know what I’m talking about? Those things that tell you that you- as a Capricorn, do not work well with..whatever sign?

And you’re like “But wait, yes, I do.”
Or maybe, you, like plenty of people, agree because they write those things so vaguely they can apply to any-freaking-body. It’s called a Barnum Statement. These things are HUGE in the New Age industry and particularly in base level divination such as your fluffier astrology provides. What’s a Barnum Statement?

Well- they’re how you get scammed to shit and back, to be frank. This comes from something called the Barnum Effect, or the Forer Effect.

This is a very common psychological phenomenon, so don’t feel bad if somebody got you with it. People tend to think that something is more accurate when it describes their personality and seems specific. The thing is, if you look: these things are SO generalized and vague that they could apply to pretty much anybody. Basically, you see a Sun sign astrology post- and the truth is, if you look: no matter what sign they’re talking about, it could apply to anyone. Let’s look at Capricorn, for instance, as that’s my sign:

We are known for not being particularly keen on disloyalty.
Uh, who the fuck likes being cheated on?

We want the best in everything.
You want the worst?

And it goes on and on like that.

Now, some people realized pretty quickly that Sun signs alone wouldn’t cut it and they ventured out into the other parts of natal astrology: but, it’s still very general shit. However, if you were to go through their posts, you’d be pretty confused. Why does so much seem to conflict? Oh, they may make some statement about balance- and that’s…sort of true.

The truth, however, is that there are so many things that go into astrology- starting with the math a lot of these things ignore. Ever hear a statement about “Things happening in varying degrees?” Well, there are very similar concepts in astrology- planets in various degrees, causing influences in the houses they are in, the sign and so forth. It all blends like one big, fantastic painting- but, if you never learned to paint: you’re gonna have a hell of a time blending.

It’s Not Always A Set Up For a Scam

Rather unfortunately, with the rise in this sort of thing and social media algorithms being what they are: those shitposts are incredibly popular.

If you want your posts being seen in someone’s Facebook feed, for instance, you have two options: have something that’s crazy shareable or pay for it. Most of us cannot afford to pay for it. Not the way those big companies can. So, you try to craft something that appeals to people. It’s social media marketing and it’s understandable in that context: but, oh, astrology can be a lot more useful than simply seeing a post you relate to.

I’ve tried it here and there over the years- but, frankly, it leaves me feeling sort of flat and bored- so, I don’t do it often unless I can do so creatively. I do, however, know a BUNCH of really talented astrologers, ethical astrologers, who create memes you relate to- using Barnum Statements blended with real astrology: who are not out to scam you. Best way to know who they are is look at their reviews, look at their references, and the big one? Go for an independent astrologer. That’s not to say you won’t find ethical astrologers working for Big Box Companies: truth is, everyone’s gotta eat. But often, those companies have overhead and otherwise- so, you may think you’re hiring someone through them and it’s kinda pricey: but, the truth is, that astrologer or any other divination professional is only getting a VERY small cut of what you’re paying. Hire them directly and of course, they still have overhead- but all your money goes to the practitioner. (And, frankly, we have loads of overhead, too- all businesses do.)

So, About Love in Your Natal Chart

There are actually a bunch of factors you look at, when you’re looking into love. Think about it for a second: are relationships merely the happy, lovey feels? No. You might think just looking at Venus is the way to go- but it’s not. Just like there are tons of factors that go into a healthy- or unhealthy relationship: there are tons of astrological factors that impact your love life.

Venus and Neptune…oh lordy lord. Don’t even get me started.

However- Venus is the typical starting point, because Venus is…well, the planet of love. Venus and Mars- there’s your sexy times. Venus and Mercury? How you communicate in love. Basically. It just goes on and on like that.
So, if you do not have a copy of your natal chart but need one- pop on over to to grab a free one or, order one from your favorite Capricorn astrologer. (Okay, okay, whatever astrologer you like- but mine are pretty freaking sweet.)

You could read the little blurbs provided- or, you can start to learn to delineate a chart for yourself. This is a damn handy talent, even if you never go pro. And why not start with the one issue we get asked about most and people want to know about most? ACTUALLY: the two. Because Venus is not just about love- it’s also about money. (Of course, with the same caveats listed above. Other things factor in.)

This site is super nifty because if you click the planet- you’ll see a blurb. Let’s pretend, however, you can’t. You’re looking for Venus. It looks something like this:


The next thing you want to do, is look for the sign and house she’s in. Now, here are two examples:

Astro Chart

You can see the little numbers, there- those are the houses. Venus, then, is in the 2nd house, in my chart. Sagittarius.

More to it than that, sugar bear. Look in the middle. Can I show you something? Here’s what this same chart looks like, using my professional software:


Of course, you click on Venus in YOUR Astro chart, you’ll see all the aspects she makes. Send me that first photo, however: I cannot. Granted, I can do math for a couple hours and probably figure it out- but, you can send me your birth data and I don’t have to. See how this works? You want any astrologer’s help: just send them your birth data. We don’t want the photos.

But those aspects are a pretty big freaking deal.

So are the degrees in which things fall.

Sure, you can see a bit, knowing what sign and house Venus fall in- and in my next post, we’re gonna delve into those basics.

But those aspects and degrees are what turns these things from slightly more fleshed out Barnum Statements into an actual look at your chart.

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