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Exploring A Grand Tableau: Blocks of 9

Alright, soooooo- last time we had a peek at looking at the blocks. Only, I didn’t really go into that being what it was. Guess what we’re doin’ today, kids? Today, we’re going to look at blocks of nine- and mirroring.


“You could make this a bit easier to see, you know…”
Oh, come on, Victoria.

So, what we did so far- with the full Grand Tableau, we looked at the corners and the unconscious/conscious split of the spread, as well as how we discern where the line for the present is- and how that splits the whole into past/present/future. 

We also discussed how we explore the past, on a basic level. 

Then, we talked about blocking just a little here, to describe some of the significant cards in the reading. 

Now, if you have a rather large chunk of your cards back in the “Past” rows- you should start there. That means that the past is significant and, you’ll want to look into that in a great deal more depth. In this case, we’ve already covered enough ground there- and I’d like to move on. However, if that’s what you choose to do: simply start the process with those blocks. We’re going to begin with the Present row and head on into the next parts.

We already explored the Man just a bit here, but, we’re going into that more deeply, first.

First row: Heart, Man, Coffin. Second row: Bear, Letter, Star. Third row: Clover, Cross, Sun. 

Your first block of nine is going to begin just like the larger Grand Tableau: with the upper right corner card. The signifier for the block itself can either be The Man or The Letter. Depending on which you wanted to look more into- in this case, as these events have already started to be set into motion: she’s already gotten the communication, we’ll look at The Man.

The very first thing we see is a second chance- but notice, it is in the Past column, but it’s also Motivation. 




One of the techniques we use in Lenormand readings is called mirroring. This is one I get a lot of questions about- but, let me simplify this for you. Once we pull back out to the full spread, I will also show you an easy way to figure out knighting.

Mirroring is just reading the “mirroring” card of any particular card. In this case, you’d read the Garden and Book, then The Child and Scythe.

Well, that was easy. So, back to the reading:

Go back up, we are working in the Intention row: Coffin and Man- depression or heartbreak. Then, Man and Heart: man in love or..affection: but this goes into the Past column: if I hadn’t already known this was an ex, that would be my big indicator there and we can see this has had an impact on his love life.




Let’s go back up to that upper left hand corner: The Heart, in the Past column, in the Intentions row. That’s a pretty obvious indicator that he meant well, and in fact, had feelings for her- but does he still? Connect it to the lower right hand corner- and I would say certainly, in addition to this, I would say there’s hope for a very passionate affair here. (Heart and Sun, Sun in Motivation.)

Let’s flesh that out, though. Sun and Cross- strong element of destiny- but with some work. Cross and Clover tells us a bit about that second chance- it won’t be without its challenges, and given that Clover IS in the Past column: likely, something or someone from the past plays a role here. Let’s mirror: Clover and Sun- FAST changes to the situation.

Now, at this point- we could do a couple of things. We could read that center line and be done with it, if the information there is sufficient. That center is read just like a 3 card reading: middle card is the signifier, then we read all three cards in a row, left to right. Then, mirror the first and third cards. So, we see the Letter is the key player here- indicating written communication. The Bear can mean a lot of things as a stand alone to better understand the letter- the combination itself usually means financial news, but, ultimately read together- bear, letter, and star- possibly a letter indicating some sort of good financial news, sure: but also, we can look at the bear as meaning assertive. Put the bear with the letter and star: it was probably a fairly assertive, yet happy email or maybe even a Facebook message that brought about this second chance. (And I say that past tense because this has already occurred in the time since we’ve started this. Quite a bit of it has, actually.)

And there’s the basic overlay of things but there are more combinations in this block of nine. These are a bit more straight forward.


Past row: Bear is signifier- the jealousy and protectiveness which we determined caused a bit of the intimidation.

A quick glance, putting all of the methods I talk about above: they both felt they were lucky, probably a little too lucky: and this created the insecurity which contributed to the possessive/jealous/protective behaviors.

The Present Row: Letter is signifier- he has a tendency towards feeling burdened by such behaviors, even as he engages in them.

The Future Row: Star as signifier- things will ultimately end in her favor.

Put that with what we already learned from the block: we understand that he’s going to send an email or other written message, it will be assertive and ultimately lead to the second chance. The second chance, however, will be challenging and it won’t go easy, but ultimately- she will get what she wants.

This block, however, is not complete, yet. In this case- this seems to be advice:


Enjoying the passion, then, seems to be the way to go for now.

If you’re reading this, wondering how it is you choose the interpretation of the singular cards or in combination- because Lenormand cards list several: context is key. In the context of her question: well, it’s fairly easy to discern which interpretation we need to work with. The next thing you’ll do is to read the blocks of 9 within the reading you haven’t, yet. How do you split them up? Frankly- any way you want. With 36 Cards, you have a variety of blocks of 9 there you can go with. Some people have very solid systems they like to use- but, I tend to determine this on a reading to reading basis. Again- you can do like I did, and have an issue or person in mind that you use as your signifier or, the center card is the signifier. You can even do both, if you like.

Reading By Rows

Oh, look, it's Odin again.

Another addition is reading the rows. Now, as I said above: if you read through the blocks and get the answers you need, this may not even be needed. If you get stuck, though- or simply want as much information as you can get: do the blocks, then do the rows. Or do the rows, then use the blocks to fatten them up a bit.

Except- in the rows, your first three are the past, your second three are the present, and your last three are the future. When reading the rows, keep it simple. I like to jot one word per card rather than reading them in combination: but you can in fact work with combinations and mirroring here, too.



















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