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Aren’t you sick of just whining about Mercury Retrograde?

Sure, I like to crack jokes- who doesn’t?

But, you know, already I am seeing people kvetching and moaning about Mercury’s retrograde station in Sagittarius, coming on the third. You’d think this wasn’t something that happens three to four times a year- and you’d think it was just a steamroller that was sure to mess you up.

What if it doesn’t have to be?

What if….there were other factors?

What if…there were in fact, actions you could take and…what if this whole thing was a bunch of cycles- and, what if it was more or less cyclical because, well, when you don’t learn a lesson, you repeat it?

I actually sing this song to my son, you know, Fish, instead of Flash, but anyway… 

Well, guys and dolls, there is no what if. 

First, let’s have a little chat about the general characteristics of this particular retrograde cycle- and, bear in mind whenever you’re reading any blog: my blog, or anyone else’s- that’s all this is.

Given how frequently Mercury goes retrograde, it stands to reason, quite a few people are going to have Mercury retrograde in their natal chart. If you look, and, there’s that little Rx symbol next to Mercury in your- well, guess what? You do. Do you or anyone else with that- spend your whole lives in a state of “My god, Mercury retrograde! Ugh! Shit!” of course you don’t- and, if you blamed every stupid thing you ever said or every weird mishap on it, people would think you were a total asshole. Besides that, think about this one: what about people like my partner, who, point of fact has a chart that’s almost entirely ass-backward? (EXCEPT Mercury. Lol)

By the generally accepted “logic”- holy crap. He’s FUBAR, right? Well…I mean, there are some things there that definitely merit a “Holy crap”. But, it’s a bit more complicated than “Oh, retrogrades. What a turd.” No, no, instead I get to walk him through progressions- because these become very important when dealing with people who do have retrograde planets. Oh yes. It works like that. 

So, why, then, do we see this in such influx during the Mercury retrograde cycles? Marketing. Pure and simple. A lot of the big fluff monger companies recognized pretty quickly that was the way to go, so, they did. People like having SOMETHING they can blame for what pretty much amounts to “Shit happens.” I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I kinda like figuring out why shit happens and if I can either fix it or figure out how best to deal with it, I do. If I cannot, well, then I just accept that shit just happens and move along- no sense totally wigging on it. You can do this, too!

I am not saying you’re gonna avoid all the problems and head for smooth sailing. I’m saying, sailing gets a bit more productive when you’ve got a map. And you do. You also probably have a rad set of tools, and maybe parts of your boat you need to fix before you set out- and you can do ALL of that.  How? Know what they are. 

What the heck is retrograde, anyway?

So, in astronomy- most of the planets and orbital motions in our solar system move along the same Eastbound motion. This is what we call direct motions and motions going the other way- retrograde. In astronomy, we’ve got three different types of retrogrades: but, mostly, the one we’re looking at is the most common. That’s where the planet looks like it’s moving backwards.

Let’s talk about the symbolism in the fact that this is an illusion. Much like the hundreds of fear inducing, fatalistic bullshit nonsense blogs you’ve read that made you fear this cycle which happens three or four times a freaking year.

But that’s none of my- oh, wait, yeah, yeah, it IS my business.

Mercury Retrograde in a Nutshell 

Because Mercury rules communication, people tend to experience a bit of confusion and frustration around those things associated with that. Mercury also rules what’s known as the lower mind, which…is essentially where communication begins: how you see the information you get and how you throw it on back out there. Because it also rules negotiations, purchases, the way we perceive things to a certain degree, contracts, travel and such: slowing our roll on all those things is generally a great idea.

But what happens when we have to take a step back?

We can see the chinks in our armor. We can see where our communication skills- both the way we communicate to others, and how we need to listen need some work. We can reflect on a whole slew of things we can do differently, because we’re getting some perspective shifts we probably needed. This can be a time when you realize a hell of a lot about yourself, your habits and your mindsets that have been holding you back or were areas you have been shooting yourself in the foot.

This can also be an awesome time when you become a bit more in touch with your own inner world. You may find that adopting habits that help you explore that inner you- are smart. On the practical front, in general terms: looking over your old plans and thinking about things you back burnered in different ways are usually good ideas. Starting a journal, learning to meditate, or otherwise picking up something you’d started but never finished are typically not bad ways to handle things.

Except your stinking ex. Except that friend who kept hurting or using you who pops into your head- or…actually makes an appearance.  Another thing we often see during Mercury retrograde cycles is the return of ghosts from our pasts.


No, seriously, this is not a good time to take that ex back.


Does this mean it’s a bad idea to finally forgive and let go? Nope, excellent time for that.

Does this mean you necessarily have to shut this person or people out if there is a reconnection? No, actually, it doesn’t in all cases. Proceed with caution, do not start thinking fate has a hand in any damn thing but letting you either see why that person was out of your life in the first place. Or, on a more positive note, maybe you do need to reconnect- but, still: take the time to look at the past, too. Can you avoid prior mistakes? Can you correct some things?

Can you get closure?

All of those things are possible- but, all of those things take time. So take it. Also bear in mind that there are other things going on: Neptune in Pisces, for one thing annnnd that’s like the great big liar liar pants on fire bit, mostly, involving lies we tend to tell ourselves. (It is, of course, not all bad. Not even remotely. But, when we’re talkin’ about hooking up with an ex: this particular cycle is kinda screaming “Don’t!” for a number of reasons.)

Plus, it doesn’t hurt understanding the interplay of your charts. There is in fact, a reason I tend to steer clear of reconnections with my exes as a general rule. But, that’s more to do with my natal configurations involving love, less to do with any retrograde.

*cough* And a reason most astrologers avoid dating me…

About Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, December 3-

So, this particular Mercury Retrograde- goes from December 3d until December 22 and it’s the last of the year. There’s a pre-shadow period that already started right around November 14. Oh crap, another term- but what’s this one mean? Well, this is where Mercury moves over the degree that it will later on return to, once it’s in retrograde motion. A day late and a dollar short, I know, but it’s during this pre-shadow phase we may begin to see some of the issues popping up in small ways and this is also a pretty good time to get your shit together. The actual shadow period hit around the 29th.

So, Mercury’s retrograde station in Sagittarius, it happens on the 3rd and, from then until the 6th may be the more intense feels. From about the 7th until the 18th, we see issues but not with quite the “What the hell hit me”ness as during that first week- and then, from the 19th to the 21st: well, Mercury’s like “HEY, have you been blaming your crap on me? Well, here’s some more of it. Pay attention! Hello? Fix this.” and it intensifies a bit again before the direct station on the 22nd, again, in Sagittarius. These two bits where things get gnarly are a period called the storm- but, that’s just when the typically quick moving planet is moving a little slower.

Pull away all the specifics and this is how they all work. A pre-shadow, a shadow, the actual retrograde station, couple storms around the retrograde and direct stations. These are very basically: a range of degrees, which is why ignoring the math inherent in astrology is kinda ill advised.

For instance, a big thing I noticed was degree related. On November 30th, Mercury will be at what we refer to as an anaretic degree. This means that it’s the last degree of the sign and that’s usually where the energy peaks. It moves to that degree again on the 5th, while it’s already in retrograde- and this usually heralds some sort of legal bullshit. Accidents can happen pretty easily and those religious, political and other beliefs we hold may inspire a NASTY fight or some pretty screwed up incidents.


So, the same day Mercury stations Retrograde, we have this going on:

Speaking of why degrees are important: that orb is tiny and ugly…yeah, look: shifting into skeptic mode is a safe bet. Jupiter’s trine to Neptune may also have you DEEPLY wanting to believe- so, be careful. Neptune pretty much barfed all over this moon, so, not everything will be as it seems, and if you do happen to get some red flags: don’t kid yourself about them. As for you, yourself? Don’t even tell a white lie. Keep everything honest.

Full Moon in Gemini

giphy (1).gif
When The Truth Really IS Out there…but it isn’t the truth you thought it’d be…. 

Now, this is also a Supermoon, which tends to mean…well, actually it means the Moon’s just really close to the Earth so it looks HUGE. It’s a beautiful sight, seriously, if you can see it clearly. Mercury retrograde happening around the same time, a lot of people are freaking out about intensified lunar energy: but, it’s not exactly the thing. Typically Full Moon energy starts showing us the areas where our lives are in conflict, sort of. So, throw in Mercury retrograde and it’s still going to do that- it’s just going to deliver the goods a little slower and in more confused ways. I mean, normally, Full Moons are when we see things more clearly, particularly in terms of how we’re communicating, how others are communicating with us, intentions and other great shit.

Full Moons do tend to light up the truth, and often, we ignore it. When we do that, a nice collection of factors, particularly with this one: won’t let us.

One thing, though: understand the Full Moon’s a trigger, not the bullet.


Really important note, here- I am being fairly candid about these influences not to scare you or to make you pessimistic: matter of fact, given all this Neptune influence at play- which drags on through the Full Moon cycle that will last for the next two weeks- fight the urge to be pessimistic. Fight the urge to harden yourself or escape from things. Instead, recognize you are stronger and braver than all get out- be kind, be honest, and take no shit. 

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

First, and another note about why those ghosts from our past are better served as lessons this time around: You see that little doodad, looks like a K with a circle under it? Right there in the 6th house, close to the 5th? If you look…why, it also has that little “Rx” next to it. (And point of fact probably inspires more of another kind of Rx’s than anything, second only to Neptune…) That would be Chiron, an asteroid that has been retrograde since June. It happens to go direct on December 5th. Referred to as The Wounded Healer- Chiron’s retrograde cycle was about facing our wounds and working on the healing process. (In a nutshell) Well, this just so happens to tie into Mercury retrograde in a square on the 10th. Squares tend to suck. Be mindful of your words with others: everybody’s working through their own shit and you know very little about that. At the same time, be patient with yourself in your own healing process: use the truth, dig deep and allow that sensitivity to go inward. Be kind to yourself and others.

So, this retrograde hits another shit degree right around the 15th and 16th as it moves to 17 Sagittarius. This can often be a challenging energy to deal with, because it feels a bit like a piece of sand in the eyeball of your plans. The Moon, there heads into Virgo on the 8th, which is one of the signs that Mercury rules: meaning, here’s another obnoxious point where things can be challenging and annoying. Mind your temper, speak the truth and refrain from attempting to manipulate others or the situation and you should do alright.

There are a few key aspects at play throughout the course of this retrograde cycle, starting with Saturn. Oh, boy, it always starts with Saturn. Saturn will still be in Sagittarius until December 19th, and we start out this Mercury retrograde cycle with Mercury Conjunct Saturn, which will be exact on the 6th, early in the morning. What can happen here as a result are some long-standing political or legal issues finally coming to a head. Generally speaking, Saturn is going to start delivering some much deserved spankings. Granted, that’s been going on for a bit, now- but, if you thought you were getting away with it, or if you thought “they” were getting away with it: you may just find that’s not true. That same day that conjunction goes exact, there is a trine with Mars- and this can make for some pushy, aggressive energy but, because it’s a more positively geared aspect: it may just be just the assertiveness you need to face the truth or clarify some things.

There’s also this trine with Mercury and Uranus which…is a bit weird. Though generally speaking this is one of those awesome aspects- because it’s occurring during Mercury retrograde, it gets interesting. If you are locked into some ideas, beliefs or mindsets or even relationships and you’re convinced that’s the right way to go: you may just find Uranus tickled or, you may find out that when we’re locked into something, Uranus just stinks. Again, though, this is about the truth and the truth doesn’t particularly care what you think.

The upshot of all of this- and it’s a trine, so, yeah, generally upshot, even during Mercury retrograde: new ideas, new perspectives, new understandings, clarity, and learning new things is a given. This is a very important time for you to figure out the difference between the shit you convince yourself of- and your actual intuition. Intuition is the quieter voice in there. The things we convince ourselves of, tend to be the equivalent of capslock rage in our hearts and minds.

On the 12th, there’s that inferior conjunction between Mercury and The Sun, which can also help a bit. Granted, Mercury retrograde is not usually the best time to make use of the inspiration and the new beginnings this particular aspect can often provide: however, you may just find some sort of promising idea or inroad to do exactly that. It’s still a very good idea to make sure you’re clear on everything, so, fine tune whatever it is you grab ahold of: make it a well calculated risk. On the 15th, there’s a conjunct to Venus and again, here’s an advantageous aspect- this usually provides middle ground places for which to meet, it can help us to learn to connect with one another and…well, frankly on the negative front: it can make us a bit overindulgent so be careful of that.

Now, usually, towards Mercury’s direct station, I am all about go, go, go. Take some steps on those things you worked with during the cycle. This one, I’m going to advise a bit more caution- though, I may not need to. There’s a bit of a wobbly square towards the end of the retrograde cycle with Neptune: and that can make for some confusion. Though I do not usually tend to go into those shadows, post shadows, pre shadows, and whatnot: there’s a reason that I did.

During the shadow phase after a retrograde- we might experience small rumbles or reminders of the stuff we didn’t sort out. Or, did, but need an added reminder to stick to it. Well, here, you’ve got a retrograde cycle that’s primed for truth- or, primed for those who are convinced of a truth with righteous zeal, to go bugshit supernova. Throw in Neptune’s influence towards the tail end: and things might still be a bit out of whack. So, take your time, be patient with yourself and others- and trust that ultimately, the truths that need to emerge, they’re going to. More than that, investigate them when they do.

In conclusion-

We can talk about these cycles honestly without freaking out. We can deal with them, without convincing ourselves it’s going to be an utter shit show. I think often what happens with these well meaning blog posts is that people get convinced of things, sort of like Med Students’ disease. You know, you inform yourself and suddenly- you got all the symptoms of Typhoid. It really doesn’t have to be that way, and, I feel that’s a particularly important warning due to that Full Moon’s influence on this whole thing- don’t convince yourself of things that don’t have to be so.

If you’d like a more direct look at this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle, you can also pop on over to my Facebook page, where you can purchase a report- and offer food and veterinary care to animals in need. It’s really a win win. 😉 

And don’t forget- if you happen to share my posts, tell people if they’re ordering something- to let me know you sent them. I will either send you $5 or you can take $5 off your next order- excluding the Mercury Retrograde Report, because this one all goes to SAIL. 


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