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Exploring a Grand Tableau: The Past

So, in part one– we explored how to set up a Grand Tableau and why you might want to, even if you’re not that familiar with the Lenormand cards, just yet.

Here’s where we are, now:

So far

The gist of the reading:
Rider (Conscious) and B. Fox (Unconscious) : Deceiving news, waiting for the other shoe to drop
C. Ring (Conscious) and D. Birds (Unconscious) : Expectation and worry about commitments

Second: The signifier, The Heart.

PRESENT: Heart as Signifier, love reading: Heart and Bear– jealousy, over-protectiveness, Clover and Woman– the woman in the reading is taking risks or has taken a big risk.

Going into the backstory…

So, we can look at the overall thrust of the first two rows: and we can see that it indicates quite a bit. More importantly, though, taken on the whole, those two rows do show a lot more of that expectation we were already touching on- and, looking at those two rows, we can see that things went a bit faster than perhaps would have built the trust levels owing to intense feelings of connection that come across as being fated.

How do we do this?

Look first, at the conscious combination directly to the left of the Present row. That first combination is:  Flowers and Mice: (CONSCIOUS) – excitement, anticipation, fleeting moments of bliss
Fish and Key: (UNCONSCIOUS) – desire to “have it all”/open relationship or options, feelings of fate

That’s a pretty strong unconscious drive, there but also, it is one that can fuel expectations in a very big way. At an early juncture, that can be a little problematic and result in moving faster than perhaps you should.

Now, we look at the last row from the left:

Ring and Book (CONSCIOUS) – a secret affair, doing one’s homework
Garden and Fox: (UNCONSCIOUS)- false friends, false friendliness, fakes

I can look at this and understand a past element at play- it does not necessarily mean that they had an affair or that he cheated on her: but, it may have been something that played into not only how quickly things moved but also, why insecurities came into play. When we have very intense feelings for someone- and we have been hurt, somehow, in spite of our self-protective measures, sometimes: our heart moves much faster than our mind.

The problem is, the mind does remember what happened in the past and may merge that with little things in the present to create a bit of a tension. Jealousy can result, even if there hasn’t been a dishonest situation. If there has been, it may be even worse.

In this case, I would say that it was a bit of both.

Given the Woman card was right there in that Present row, combined with an accurate depiction of our querent, who is a woman’s current situation: I would say the past here is more her experiences combined with triggers from the current situation that created an insecurity in spite of what a strong connection was felt.

Now what about him?

We will cover that and more in tomorrow’s post.

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