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As many of you know, right now, my Facebook store is down: I am reworking a few things and getting my workload and my course load organized. I have quite a bit in the works, with my first book going off to the publisher….yikes. Very soon. Possibly. There are things which need to be done, first: which is why I took a step back to get things organized.  My focus has also shifted tremendously in a lot of ways, recently- so, a lot of what I do will reflect that.

Unfortunately, I could not justify doing Kimmswick Witch’s Night Out this year, with everything else we have going on, financially. There were preparations I would have needed to make in order to make that happen: and honestly, I just can’t fit them into my budget at this time. I’ve been invited to a number of other events, which I will have to review and determine my availability for, as well.

Beyond that- for those of you who’ve asked about Kurt’s recovery process: it is going very well. Granted, we are still dealing with the staggering medical bills from that, and that has not been easy- so any donations to our animals and orders of readings: always much appreciated. His brain is fine and his rhabdomyolosis appears to be done with. That’s good. I think. He still cannot handle the heat whatsoever- but, with summertime winding down (We hope! It’s been like 90F here in St. Louis all week!) and heading into autumn, things should be much better.

I was testing out the random card of the day thing- and then had an idea that I’d like to merge that with more manageable astrology tidbits: soooo that went back to the drawing board, but don’t worry, not for long. These days, I really try to make sure that I have a good backlog of written material before I launch anything- never know around here! Something may come up, soooo when I make a change like that, I have to step back, redo things and get things scheduled.

I am also currently on a MOSTLY hiatus from Facebook- and finding my stress levels diminishing in some nice ways for it. I am not entirely sure I have any plans to go back to it with quite the gusto I had before- though the share hashtag method I set up via IFTTT is wonderful- so, it’s possible I’m just going to make social media a relatively minor part of my life from here on out. I do know there’s no WAY Facebook is going back on my phone.

For those of you who wish to get ahold of me faster but do not have my number, which…is somewhat odd as it’s pretty much everywhere: please email me at if you need anything. This is also the very best way to order your reports and otherwise, so, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Anyway- thank you all for your continued support and patience. 🙂

I am really excited in terms of what the rest of the year has in store for us.

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