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September 7, 2017- The Western Emperor

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This is an interesting card, because it clearly shows a man in a position of power. We all know what an Emperor does- however, if you take a look at the card, in most Minchiate decks, you’ll see subtle differences between the Eastern and Western Emperors. The Western Emperor is displaying, in a subtle way, a different sort of power. A more natural, more primal power. The colors in his images are always that of emotion and warmth, but also that of the Sun. One thing you may wish to consider when this card appears is that often, we carry within us our own brand of power- something natural, something primal within us that keeps us from vanishing into situations that seem very disempowering. One gets the feeling were the Western Emperor stripped of his finery- the eagle and the griffon often seen in his card would remain, as would his power. This, I feel, is an understanding of humility in leadership, or the processes by which we find ourselves humbled and strengthened for it. What experiences have knocked you down and what have they taught you? If you’re interested in booking a reading or booking me for a party or appearance, you can email me at #shareme #tarotchallenge #questions #tarotreadersofinstagram #minchiatetarot #tarotmeditations #ethicaltarotreaders #stlouistarot #stlouis #bedtimerandom #divination

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