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September 6, 2017- The Alchemy

via Instagram
Like all the Akron Giger Baphomet cards, The Alchemy represents both shadow and light, urge and motivation. At heart, the motivation shown here is that of transformation, of turning ignorance into wisdom, of being able to seek out the answers to the deepest questions of soul and spirit. However, when we see the shadow representation of this, we may find ourselves tempted by ego to more or less blow ourselves up- brag, exaggerate, come across as oh-so-enlightened and wise. When we’re engaging in the light, we see balance, humility and understanding. Embracing the two is the only way: that is, having confidence and trust in our own understanding- yet, being open to the fact that it isn’t the only understanding, as well as recognizing there is still so much we don’t know. Can you name something you feel confident about, yet still have much to learn? If you’re interested in booking a reading or booking me for a party or appearance, you can email me at #shareme #tarotchallenge #questions #tarotreadersofinstagram #giger #baphomet #ethicaltarotreaders #stlouistarot #stlouis #bedtimerandom #divination

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