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September 4, 2017- Tree and Woman

This Lenormand combination calls to mind a strong connection with a woman. An intuitive woman, possibly a woman with whom you’ve spent time with or have a past life connection with. It may also be that woman is you! This combinations speaks to the strength of the feminine, the intuitiveness and the nurturing- and of the sacred feminine’s ability to connect everything and to provide that balance between masculine and feminine. Animus and Anima. Often, connecting to your source, to your own inner being, you recognize that these parts of you may be a bit unbalanced. If you find that you have been in greater need of intuition, you may need to reconnect to that inner feminine. If you find that you have been giving too much of yourself, it may be you need to connect to your inner masculine. Either way, embracing and balancing both is necessary for you now. How are you honoring both your inner feminine and masculine? If you’re interested in booking a reading or booking me for a party or appearance, you can email me at #shareme #tarotchallenge #questions #lenormandreadersofinstagram #lenormand #lenormandmeditations #ethicaltarotreaders #stlouistarot #stlouis #mysticallenormand #bedtimerandom #divination

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