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September 3, 2017- The Empress, reversed

Where did you lose your way? Who have you depended upon, yet been failed by, that has made you feel like you were less than powerful? Those questions come to those who may have come to a place of losing their self-belief or even who may feel their own identity is at question. If you’ve been tending to all the emotional needs of those around you- yet coming up bone dry on your own: this card is for you. (#cancerzodiac, looking at you!) You may feel as though you have trouble making important choices or you may be confused about where you stand. Things are less than harmonious, but you’re just not sure why. This card very much tells us that it is time you made time to refill your own cup, that it’s time you engaged in the introspection needed to better understand why you give so much- yet, you get so little in return. Nurturing others is a beautiful thing- but, it is simply emotional martyrdom if you do not nurture yourself, first. Where can you better balance the needs of those around you and your own?
About these pulls: each and every day at noon, I close my eyes and select a deck at random from my collection to pull a card or two from to post for you right before I go to bed. Gives you a little something to sleep on and we can discuss them in the morning over coffee. You never quite know what will happen. If you’re interested in booking a reading or booking me for a party or appearance, you can email me at #shareme #tarotchallenge #questions #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #tarotmeditations #ethicaltarotreaders #stlouistarot #stlouis #marseilletarot #tarotlenoir #bedtimerandom #divination

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