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September 1, 2017- Six of Swords, reversed:

Oh, you want to move on SO badly. Why are you so stuck? It just seems like every step forward, is two steps back- what’s going on? If that sounds like you- the Six of Swords reversed shows us that you need to unpack some considerable emotional baggage. Of course, intellectually, you want to move on. You’ve probably even tried to take some steps and yet, still, something is just not clicking. That’s the thing though. You hide from this stuff rather than deal with it, and it just gets packed into the back of your head. It’s still there, eeking out in things like jealousy and trust issues. Angry snaps here and there. The odd down day. Maybe it’s doubt, fear of failure- or even, fear of what happens if you actually DO succeed. Here’s the thing the Six reversed tells us- you can hang onto that shit or you can move forward. No, it isn’t as simple as “just changing your mind”- in spite of what the fluffy ass people say. Of course it isn’t! That doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You have already started your steps forward, and that was a pretty big deal. Now? Start your emotional steps forward by truly working on your healing process: face it, look at it, and dig in. It’s yours, until you throw it away. Sure, sometimes it’s gonna boomerang right on back- but, over time you will find it gets easier and easier to rid yourself of this garbage- and finally, be done with it for good. It’s time to work on not allowing a past hurt- or the person or people who hurt you- to continue to control your behavior and feelings, now. What will you start working on letting go?
About these pulls: each and every day at noon, I close my eyes and select a deck at random from my collection to pull a card or two from to post for you right before I go to bed. Gives you a little something to sleep on and we can discuss them in the morning over coffee. You never quite know what will happen. If you’re interested in booking a reading or booking me for a party or appearance, you can email me at #shareme #tarotchallenge #questions #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #tarotmeditations #ethicaltarotreaders #stlouistarot #stlouis #botticellitarot

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