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How To Use To Navigate Retrogrades and Other Things

So, I was just about to do a write up on Uranus retrograde when I realized I hadn’t fully addressed one of the most common questions I get: Man, these blog posts, I get that they’re general but how do I drill the data down as it applies to me? 

You know how you’re scrolling through your timeline and you’re like, “Oh, look at that. Mercury’s about to fucking retrograde again. DAMMIT.” and you think, “Well, here comes the tech issues and the assholery”? Sometimes, the blog posts and articles outline the different aspects and other influences- but usually, we leave out a critical piece of information, in this case:

How to find where Mercury will be taking a giant shit on your life, using your natal chart:

Okay, let me dial that back a bit, because I think anyone who’s familiar with me knows, I don’t believe that. I’m a little less amused by it in recent years than I used to be when someone uses Mercury retrograde to excuse crap behavior and avert personal responsibility: but, the reason I am less amused is, I’m pretty sure the bulk of people believing this have actually made it so. Sort of a mass hypnosis thing, by way of bad, hysterical marketing.

And frankly, whereas many people know about Mercury retrograde and will “AAAAAAGGGH!” but I never did: oh, I did and do with Saturn and Uranus.

Oh, yes. If you didn’t know- other planets do in fact retrograde and they simply haven’t been latched onto by marketing departments. Anyone else find it more than a little ironic that this particular planetary retrograde involves communication and has been firmly co-opped by one of the industries that have seriously screwed up the way people communicate? Hell, given they’re always trying to sell SOMETHING, you’d think they’d have latched onto Venus retrograde a bit more, but…

Boy, I better stop. That’s a rant for another time.

So, the thing of it is, you’re probably not going to find a whole lot of information out there in terms of making it easier to do your own chart. Of course, there are countless blogs about learning astrology- but, typically, you probably know: you are better served going to a professional. Still, some of these professionals write in such a convoluted way that it’s pretty obvious it’s all “See? I am totally helpful giving you this weirdly detailed amount of information that you will in fact, look at, cross your eyes and then hire me anyway. After all, am I not helpful, confusing the shit out of you?”

Make no mistake: I would love it if you hired me, but, being as I am frequently digging in the couch cushions for change towards the end of the month- I also know: we are in fact, a luxury item. I hope to somewhat make things more accessible. That’s the plan, anyhow. It is true- hiring an experienced astrologer is definitely the way to go, and since I did use Uranus retrograde, you’ll see why in a minute. Sort of. I do not want to show you on the chart where Uranus retrograde touched me. No. Not today. (If you’re into this stuff, you’ll see it anyway.)

So, Mercury retrograde rant aside- we know we’ve got Uranus retrograde coming up on the 3rd of August. Now, how do you find where it is for you natally? What about currently? Transit ….progressed…oh god, Victoria, I AM SO OVERWHELMED. TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I’m gonna go eat tacos, now.

I’m not making fun of you. That’s how I think more often than not, actually.

First, I want you to head on over to but, I am going to rant just a minute about astrology software, too.

True story- myself and loads of others started out using to work with charts and otherwise before we bought our astrology programs. I won’t name names, but, I’m also not going to pretend otherwise. Some people were using Astrowin-

And you’re only supposed to use that as a free resource, not as a professional astrologer getting paid to do this. But…

That’s some sleazy shit right there. Big huge disclaimer: the site itself says don’t use this to make money and yet they do anyway? Yuck, man. Yuck. My parents taught me stealing was wrong, what can I say?

The first actually decent software that I used was SolarFire, but now I use Sirius. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some astrology software and I recommend that you do- check out Hank Friedman’s site:

Before we go there, however, here’s my rant: the use of astrology software has a tendency to make people lazy. When I first learned how to draft a chart, slide rule, compass, really, seriously bitchy old lady practically whapping me on the back of the head. That sounds awful but the fact is, over the years I have encountered many, many, many would-be teachers- and she’s the bar that was set. I see a corner cutter or a fraud- and I run the other way. Red flags include use of “easy” or “fast”- this is a whole lot of information and it is neither easy nor is it fast. Do they also seem to be giving you some kind of math or geometry lesson? Oh, you may have a good one.

That, too, is another post for another time.

So, anyway- back to astro. Now you may note this site seems to have a lot of information: and this is why it’s awesome. It should. But, for now, I want you to go here:


And you’ll see something like this:


Since you’re here because you want to learn, I suggest you go on and set your profile up. It’s kinda snazzy, it’ll keep your charts all organized and neat as you go anyway.

Now, you’re going to key in your birth data and when you’re done, it’ll take you back to the page that lists your profiles and all that- at this point you can go see the neat little report and that will in fact, show you where your natal Uranus or other planets happen to be- see?
Scroll up, click on Free Horoscopes, Astroclick Portrait and there you go. If you click the planets, you’ll see a neat little write up about them.

Uranus looks like a TIE Fighter.
Okay, here- look at the little numbers around the middle there. Those are the houses. My natal Uranus is in the 1st house there. Now do you see it?


Where’s yours?

Okay, but what about transit and progressed Uranus? Back on up to the main menu here, then choose Extended Chart Selection-

Go to Chart Type and scroll down until you get to Transits, and then, you can either do Natal and Transits or Natal, Transits and Progressions Combined.

Put the date you want in there. Now, the next part you’ll see there, some people use their current location, some use their birth location- and they will bicker furiously about which is best. I usually use my current location, but, I don’t feel like it right now. So, click on Click Here To Show The Chart:

Tadaaaaa. Transits are in red and my transit Uranus for this retrograde’s in 5th house Pisces.

Oh, fantastic.

Where is your transit Uranus?

Now, to go from there, you need to understand- the sign is the what and the house is the where in your life but here’s the kicker- if you take a little peek there in your own chart, you might not know yet about whether or not it is transiting an aspect to a natal planet. This is where Uranus really stinks and is a little more complicated in interpreting than what I’ve shown here. In this- well, Uranus was a bit of a bad example too use but I was writing about it at the time, so it’s the one I went with.

However, the point of this particular blog post is to show you how to find where a planet is in your chart natally- and how you can find it in transit. I may talk a bit more about Uranus’s impact in a later post, but for now, take a minute to review your charts there. Since you know that we have a couple eclipses coming up, you might check where the Moon is for those dates and natally. Since you know Mercury retrograde is, as well, you can check that, too.

But, now you know how to do it.






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