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Le Tarot Noir by Hackier & Ternel

The minute I saw Le Tarot Noir, I knew I had to have this deck.

A beautifully dark and quirky 78 card Marseilles style deck with artwork by Matthieu Hackier it definitely makes a statement. It arrived in a sturdy cardboard, top lift box with a paperback guidebook in French. Though some have had issues with the book coming apart, mine is of fairly steady construction.

The details on the cards just tickle me. The artwork is a bit more intricate than is usual in a Marseilles deck and veers a little morbid, but I adore it. The colors are subdued but rich, the design work flows and though the pips are in typical Marseilles fashion, they still have quite a lot of detail.



If you’re unfamiliar, Marseilles decks have what is known as “unillustrated pips”, which simply means the Minor Arcana are not as detailed- usually. The artwork in this deck is so sophisticated, contemporary while at the same time traditionally, you’d be hard pressed to call this “unillustrated”. 

The edges of the 4” by 5.5” (10.5 cm wide, 14 cm tall) cards are gilded and the backings are black. They also have a lovely inset border- also gold. Centered on the back is another oval shaped border enclosing a golden flower design. The card stock is nice and sturdy, and has held up rather well to my abuse. (I’m a fairly vigorous shuffler!) The backgrounds of each card is a light off white, cream color and again, have a gilded border.


The Majors are titled in French, black lettering against the cream background on the bottom. Court cards have both title and suit in French, again, in black letters. Each pip, as I mentioned, is Marseilles style- so, suit icons only but they are designed in such a way that they speak with delightful small details. They do not have pip titles however, the number is on the left and right hand side of the card.

I have found that this deck works wonderfully in tandem with my Baphomet deck or as a stand alone. I love this for working with clients that are seeking guidance with shadow work or just for general readings. It is also excellent in my Darkness and Light spreads, particularly when used with the Botticelli Tarot Deck for the “Light” mirror.



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