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My Friday Meditation

I have been super lazy with the blogging- and we have pulled away from the site a bit to focus on social media for a while- but, I plan on writing much more often, and I figure, going into one of my meditations is a great way to break the ice and get back on the blogging wagon.

I have had a lot of people ask me about how I meditate, why I do it, and the processes I go through. Of course, I do the whole quieting the mind thing- I have to wake up hours before anyone else to do this, but, it’s worth it. If you’re not doing this and you find that you are constantly feeling overwhelmed: make the time to sit in the quiet for 15 to 30 minutes, every day. Even if you have to do this in the bath and lock the door. (I do this quite often. Hot water and sweat coupled with scents I love is perfect for this.)

One of my clients, Astrologic Answers– where you can currently find my weekly horoscopes, publishes them on Friday and I am not sure why that stuck with me, but: I developed a special, super simple meditation for Fridays, for the week ahead. I do not currently have an email list- but I am working on one for us, but they do and I encourage you to check that out.

Anyway- my Friday meditation is the message for my week ahead. It’s a highly personal thing and I won’t go into all my notes, but, I will let you in on this process- because it’s something anyone can do.

So, the first thing I do is I do a simple three card spread. Now, if you’re not familiar with Tarot, what you want to do with this- and this is just specific to my process but it can also help you if you’re just learning Tarot of Lenormand: use the cards like the skeleton outline of a story. Your story.

You aren’t asking a question- which is why clearing your head first helps, you aren’t trying to peer into the future: you are just telling your story for the week ahead. To do this, you need a deck of cards- I don’t care if you use tarot or Lenormand: both work. You also need a book- non fiction, self help, me? I usually use philosophy or poetry. This week I used The Tao Te Ching. I am not Taoist- I think if you know me, you know that’s fairly obvious. I do not appropriate cultures: however, appreciating them with honor and utilizing them in the same fashion is aces with me and, I often find a lot of peace in Taoist writings. (Well, der.) Now, to the cards. You can do your spread straight across if you like, for me, being able to focus on the first two cards- the action cards, is important. For this one, I used my new deck- Le Tarot Noir. I am not an Amazon affiliate as Missouri has stupid tax laws so Amazon was like “NOPE!” But, that’s where I got it- here’s the search for sellers.  

Fair warning, the book’s in French. Of course if you buy it and you wanna do tarot lessons with me: you can do that. Or there are a ton of resources across the internet available to you. Google’s your friend. 😉

Mine- The Empress, Strength, Ace of Wands.

There are times when I do these and I just throw back my head and laugh. This was one of them. I have felt fairly adrift and powerless lately: and the reason I did feel this way was an unhealthy manifestation of the Empress. I have been living as Empress reversed.

Yet, my first card in my story for the week ahead is The Empress. Straight up. My urge to care for people needs to combine with discernment, structure and boundaries. Because this is the first card in the reading- this is the focus for my week ahead. You may not know this- but The Empress and The High Priestess are very much two sides of the same coin. With The Empress, we have the more tangible aspects of the sacred feminine. Self care- more or less that cliche about how you cannot fill others’ cups if yours isn’t full.  The idea being: be more Mother than Martyr. It ties to the Earth- of course, The Mother Earth: and we all know, her nurturing is sometimes not easy. In nature, we find that mothers do nurture their babies, but: they do not engage in shitty resource allocation. I won’t go into it further, but: yeah. That’s a problem. And, it’s one that my cards are saying: This week, you intentionally CHANGE THAT. 

So, we go on to that next card, which is Strength.

It takes Strength to be vulnerable. It takes Strength to be gentle and kind. That put a song in my head:

Fitting given that first card. 😉 Anyway- I am very receptive to this sort of thing and if you are musically inclined or music is something that emotionally touches you: pay attention to things like this. I can’t really tell you why this works or even how it works: but it does, for me. If music is a part of your emotional landscape- it may for you, too.

For me, this is less literal and more about sections of lyrics and a symbolic representation of one cycle closing out and having the Strength to move forward, with an effective balance of compassion- that is, compassion that puts myself and my needs first: and heading into the third card:

The Ace of Wands

I cannot just emotionally process these things. I have to act on the impetus that is provided by way of the struggles I have been through lately- and the prompting I have seen. You know those times when you just cannot figure it out, when you’re just so overwhelmed and you feel you have no choice? You always have a choice. 

Often, when it’s like this: it’s just a really shitty choice. 

But once you make it: you can’t just decide “Oh, well, I want this to change.” you have got to act and this is what that Ace is all about. Not that it’s a negative card at all- matter of fact, the Aces often represent new beginnings and this particular Ace does tie back around to my first card, my focus card in that: with the Ace of Wands, we are listening to our gut. We are going with our inner vision and if the demands of others are clouding that- it’s time to knock it off. It is time to close that door- ever slam a door really hard in a room with another door that’s a bit wobbly? That other door tends to fly right on open. Doesn’t do you very much good if you don’t walk through it, though. And the Ace of Wands is walking your talk, more than it is talking it. Take the steps, even if your knees are knocking and you are scared. It’s time.

In conclusion: 

This is what happens- you must rid yourself of the baggage you carry in order to move forward and move forward you must. The baggage, then in this case, is self-sacrifice. It’s putting others ahead of yourself to the point that you go wanting. It’s trying to feed everyone with your empty cup. It’s time to let that shit go and have the Strength to stand up again and walk on out the door.

So, the next step in this, get your book and just flip pages until you land on one and go from there. If you want, you can do like I do. I flip once, twice, three times for the three cards.

I’ll just let the reading finish this up for you.

I tend to keep reading or whatever- you just go with what feels right and let it flow. Certain things will stand out- and that’s what I have posted here. Now for the final one:

And really, that’s all there is to it. I did not include my personal notes and as this is a general reading for the week ahead- if the message applies: great! Stand up and do that thing! If it doesn’t, well, you may try doing this on your own and see what your own personal message may be.

Now, if you’d like to see more of my odd rambling, figure out how to book a reading or get into my lessons or even catch me at some random event- go ahead and Like me on Facebook! 

I tend to write a lot about astrology, relationships and existentialism, and I love a good debate. 😉

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