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Time to work on simplifying things…part 1

So, in case you’re just joining us, I am an astrologer on a tear. I have already ranted about Saturn Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde– and if you click on those, you’ll find I cuss like a sailor, but, you’ll also find out what those cycles mean in your life. So, we know this, how do we ACTUALLY use it? Well, beyond what I already said about going inward- there are some mighty fine brass tacks involved: and the biggest area I see around me is with small businesses and blogs who are on wobbly legs with their social media. Don’t worry, our next post goes into more personal stuff- but, I get asked about this so often, I wanted to start here.

One of the very best ways you can actually use both the Saturn Retrograde AND the Mercury Retrograde cycles is in seeing those areas where you’re lagging a bit in terms of working smarter. I am a very good example of this- I am a hard worker and a perfectionist, but, lacking organization: just spinning my wheels and I knew it.  Retrogrades are a pain in the ass. Everyone knows it, particularly since Mercury retrograde gained marketing steam several years back.

Saturn retrograde? YAAARGH talk about having your butt handed to you! Let’s not even get into the Venus retrograde personal life stuff I am also dealing with- wheeeeeheeew. Retrogrades kinda suck- but, they can be the productive kind of challenges that you can use to change everything.

As a result, we now have two standard blog post types that come around each and every retrograde cycle. You get the marketing gurus who tell you a bunch of fluffy nonsense about manifestation and wishes that doesn’t work, looking like this:


Or you get the total doom and gloomers, looking like this:



But what a lot of people do not know- because, well, most of us do not have huge, expansive marketing budgets is…there is a third camp. And we kinda look at both extremes like this:



I am not talking about some cheesy manifestation thing or…even new age stuff, if you can believe that.

If you take a look at what these cycles mean, it gives you a great way to focus on specific and actionable concerns in your life- more powerful than any magic word you’ll ever find. (Though, I do believe the words we use consistently do impact our realities- we’ll get to that in another post.) Next week, I will be giving away worksheets to help you to streamline your retrograde plan of attack- so, make sure you sign up for our email list and when you do? I’ll send you a free Numerology report. Just like that. No spam, no bullshit, just all our content in your inbox and you’ll be getting exclusive stuff no one else ever gets to see.

If you’re a tarot reader or astrologer or psychic- or, if you run an online business, it’s likely you know how intimidating the entire process of social media marketing can be. There are a myriad of choices out there meant to help, yet, you sign up and *sad trombone*. Feeling me yet?

In my prior role at the gigantic Company I Cannot Name Legally- I learned a lot of marketing stuff. Most of it, was horrifyingly bad funnels that left people feeling confused and frustrated due to shoddy information and lack of actionable goals. I’m toeing the line there in terms of what I can say, but: I also dug in and learned a lot of useful stuff, from there, I took more marketing and business courses than I ever really wanted to, threw in my Bill Hicks opinion of the whole damn thing- which, by the way is not good and I became the Anti-Marketer. Do I still work with marketing teams? Oh you bet. But, you can also bet their ethics are sterling. We need more of that and less playing on insecurity to sell people shit they do not need that simply does not work. Where to begin?

The key is to automate as much as you can- but, how? So many options out there and I researched them all: until I discovered IFTT.
This is the easiest, most effective way to streamline your social shares I have found- and it doesn’t even require being on a marketing list or dealing with complex systems. Matter of fact, if you’ve ever looked at managing Instagram in particular- the process you have to go through for scheduling is tedious as all get out: so understand this is from the perspective of somebody who does not schedule Instagram posts- I post them organically and that’s where almost every visually based post I make begins. Take Jen’s Card of the Day for example- people just LOVE it over on Instagram and Jen doesn’t even have an account. Couple hashtags and you are good to go. If you happen to need to schedule your Instagram posts, for whatever reason- Buffer actually offers a great recipe for that, here. Obviously, you’d have to have Buffer to make that work: but, if you’re looking for a way to schedule posts, it’s definitely something you should look into, as well. I dislike third party scheduling and posting tools in general- but having researched pretty much all of them, Buffer is in my top 3 and is incredibly useful.

Let’s get you smoooooothe.


No, I cannot be hired for marketing help nor would I ever promote myself as such: the ONLY reason I am tossing some of these blogs into the mix is I’d love to see more New Age practioners take control of this dirty, flooded industry and flip it the hell over. Let’s throw in another gif for good measure- because we all know that THIS is the reality, right? Let’s work together to uplift one another and take out the zombie marketers.



Even if you aren’t in the new age industry- odds are, you know EXACTLY the sort I’m referring to. They are everywhere, they are prevalent: and they are predators who use people’s fears to drive them towards never ending funnels of sales that never, ever help. I should know, I helped make one company a hell of a lot of money just like that. We all fall into that trap, deeply looking for success and grabbing onto what looks like expertise. Til you find you are neck deep in unethical dookie and not sure how to fight it. I don’t recommend getting sued for defamation, I really do not. Even if you win, like I did: it’s a pain in the ass. But, you CAN make it right- by being right. First step: organize and automate your stuff.

Those Brass Tacks

(Please forgive my Lilith in the 10th house style use of my fall, but, it is a critical part of the story of my rise.)
I use If This Then That recipes and actually, I am setting up even more. Bear in mind- I am probably one of the most scatter brained people there is: which becomes quite the nightmare during Mercury retrograde. Right now, I just have a very simplified thing going- my Instagram automatically posts to Facebook, but, I use an IFTT recipe to then send native photos to Twitter.

Before I go into this, let me first tell you what this is. IFTT is a neat little tool that essentially, connects a couple of your social services to one another. It does this in a variety of ways- but essentially, it automates things by way of what you do via one social service, triggers an action at another. For instance, each morning I share Jen’s Card of the Day to IG, which connected to my Facebook, shares. But, then, IFTT shares it with the photo, to Twitter as a tweet.

You simply sign up for an account and then look through the recipes to figure out which best suits your needs. There are over 200 of them, and really, if you’re overwhelmed already- just stick to searching out those you know you need. I’ll give you a few of the ones I am looking at or working with, already.

You can use it with-


If you take a look around, you’ll also see there are recipes to trigger far, far more than social media. Unless you have actionable goals that involve certain things and a search brings those up- I’d steer clear during these retrograde cycles. No need cluttering yourself up with new things just yet, remember, you’re trying to simplify and make use of existing projects- so stick with what you’re working on and you should be just fine. I like to make a little list, search keywords pertaining to it- and go from there.

I don’t actually have any connection to any of the companies listed here, however, I do get questions from other tarot readers and astrologers all the time about marketing: so, I figured, I’d set this up. If you want to get started but you don’t know where the heck to begin because it’s all a bit much: simply start here to see what pops up.

For blogging tools, go here:
Productivity and Time Management? They’ve got you covered, too:

Have other issues? Why not try popping a keyword relating to it into the search and seeing for yourself how you can harness your creativity, automate some things and work smarter?

Hope this helps! If you’d like more information on how to utilize the retrograde cycles, astrology and divination as well as other awesome offers and information, please sign up for our email list. We do not spam, never have, never will- and your information is safe with us, we respect your privacy. Plus, sign up and we’ll give you a free numerology report! Just a little gift to you, for being so rad.

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