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Saturn Retrograde: Karma does not mean what you think it does.

April 6, 2017- Saturn stations retrograde at 27° Sagittarius. It will continue in retrograde motion until August 25th, when it will station direct at 21° Sagittarius. For those who are new here and need such warnings: 


Let’s do this thing.


I feel like maybe people really just aren’t getting what The Big Daddy Planet here is all about- I look around and I see quite a lot of fluffy talk about karma. Problem is, karma does not work the way that most of you think it does. And so, each and every year when Saturn stations retrograde- we get this influx of barfworthy blogs about people getting what they deserve- when in fact: everyone deserves…something. I do not actually believe in karma, though I respect the belief enough to understand it a hell of a lot better than most people who fling it around, I think.
Even by simple definition it seems absolutely appropriate for Saturn, and well, in a nice, double dose during the Saturn retrograde. The word itself simply means: work, action or deed. And deeds are right up my belief alley.

So, how to survive Saturn retrograde? Ask yourself: What the fuck am I doing? 

No, REALLY ask it. Go deep. And don’t ask yourself What the fuck is my neighbor doing? What the fuck is my spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner doing? My competition, my dog, my window washer- you get the idea. 

No- What the fuck am I doing?

Because if you are blaming or using any of them to make an excuse or excuses for what you are not doing or what you are doing- guess who’s getting a karma visit? Sure, they might. But you definitely will. 

(I am over here kinda gagging on “karma visit”, sorry- lack of a better term. Still. Yuck. Never believed in the whole “karma as personal hitman” thing. But whatever.)

It’s time for you to grow the fuck up, in those areas you need to grow the fuck up. Pure and simple. Now remember when I am saying this- I am not talking about those things beyond your control at all. I’m not. However, many of them- if you take a look, there’s something you can control- and in some, it may be that you need to step up and speak out. Your mileage may vary and all that.

Now, this retrograde cycle’s gonna be a weird one for sure. First off, it starts out with one of the gnarliest aspects out there- as Venus is square Saturn. Don’t freak out, don’t think I am doom and glooming this- I am not: what I am doing is pointing out the astrological weather at play. We’ll get into how you work with that in a bit. The fact that both planets are in retrograde motion doesn’t help a whole lot in terms of being challenging- but, it does give you some very clear ideas as to what it’s time to deal with. The good news being- there are quite a few things that will give us some hope and some benchmarks to work for even before The Lord of Karma here stations direct. You will have the opportunities to act, to make things right. However- going back to the original point, it’s going to be all about who you’re looking at.

If you are looking at others, you are..well, what you allow to continue, will..continue. Fairly simple stuff. If you’re looking at somebody else’s shit- you really are going to have a hard time seeing your own and in doing so: probably won’t do what you need to, there.

I dunno, me, personally, I’d rather resolve the problems and go on to happier, more satisfying personal relationships and work on my goals actively, but hey, maybe you just like rehashing the same shit over and over. For those who do not- well, Saturn retrograde can be a powerful time where you make those needed changes to stop the cycles and get things moving.

But you can’t make excuses. And you can’t simply do nothing. And you can’t be fixated on others. That’s not easy and I am not saying it is- particularly when it is people we are closest to. It’s really not. I hate seeing these kinds of statements used to more or less excuse crappy behavior- because that’s not what it’s about. It’s about detaching yourself so that you can work on yourself- and, in doing so: you’ll get a much clearer picture of how you should proceed respective of those who are doing things that provoke the emotional response within you. And Saturn does not give a shit why you didn’t do what you needed to, and he doesn’t care what someone else did- at least, not when it comes to what you do or do not do. The focus has to be on you and you alone. 

Are your actions right?

Whatever grey area reasons you have- if you dig down and you ask yourself simply: is this right?
And it is not- it’s time you figured out why you’re doing it, sure. But also, again, back to the car accidentally reversing over your legs deal- it still hurts. And if what you’re doing is still wrong, it’s still wrong.

Focusing on yourself in stark honesty can help you figure out the right thing when it seems unclear what that is- it can also give you the strength to work through that fear to do the right thing, when you’ve known all along what it is.

With that Venus square- these things that get brought up are all gonna be love and money. I think I have mentioned before, squares tend to suck. They reveal a whole lot of the resentment, distance and other negativity within a relationship. They can make you feel really down and also, very alone in the world. You may well see some financial issues- and you know, I always hate saying that because frankly, I know very few people who aren’t seeing them these days: but still. Kicker to all of this is, to maintain stability: you need to put in the work. You need to act. Whether that’s the long overdo talk you need to have, the time you need to spend with someone, the things you need to make right- the budget you need to get on better footing, the spending you need to get under control: you’ve got to make it right.

That may well seem like it’s veering away from the whole “Look at your own shit” but, when you do look at your own shit- and you do so in a brutally honest way, not flinching away from what those things have been needling within your own soul: you’ll realize some of your own attitudes and mindsets have been…lacking. There may be some old wounds you need to bust out the soul suture for, screwing up the works. Will this make a shitty partner a good one? Probably not- but that’s not the point: point being, if your relationship sucks and hopelessly so: you may need to dig a bit deeper to figure out why you’re stuck. The same holds true of business practices and money. When you begin to control those things within yourself, when you begin to work on them, you will notice: the kind of foggy lack of clarity that happens when things are emotional lifts- and you find yourself all over again in there. It is an important first step that so many people either miss or avoid: and then, find themselves locked in these same patterns and cycles over and over again, wondering why nothing ever works out.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been very fortunate in many ways. One of the ways I have not, however, is I have been in some horribly fucked up places that at the time seemed utterly hopeless. The biggest example and the one I’ve done a lot of activism and awareness work with: a domestic violence situation that seemed completely inescapable. 3 months living with a rapist. I don’t think I need to go into all the details, though I have before- man, many times. I sit here, this morning, writing this blog post when by the second month I swear, you could never have convinced me that I’d ever escape. I sit here, open to love, open to trust when, well for years after: yeah, no.

I do not cite my example of how easy it is to get out of situations by changing your mind. I do so, to illustrate exactly how hard it can be: and I KNOW it can. I also know how hard it can be to struggle with PTSD and all out mouth for war level rage. But, as hopeless as it may seem, it is also something that is most definitely not hopeless, at all. I had to come to the realization that I wanted my abuser to stop controlling me. Both times. Both hard. Both required a lot of intense action. No, it is not fucking easy. 

But a choice must be made, and that choice is always a starting point of a process. And any process is going to have its share of setbacks and it isn’t always steel spine, stiff upper lip and unflinchingly looking your demon in the eye. Hell no, most of the time, it’s curled fetal on the floor in front of it, weeping for all your worth- but, again: it’s a process. Which means, no matter how long you sit on the floor, as long as you continue to get up and move, you’re not down and out. Never fucking down and out.

Whether you are moving from Victim to Survivor, whether you are changing up the way you do business, whether you are moving from distant and cold relationship to that closeness you want or just breaking away so you can in time have that- probably gonna involve some blood, sweat and tears, man.

Enter Mars Trine Pluto- the orb on this one…it’s beautiful. This is your guts, right here. This is where you find the strength within you that you didn’t even know you had- and let it motivate you going forward to the transformation you want. The thing that pulls your ass up off the floor. And this isn’t just a nice little temporary boost, either, ‘cause once you wake it up, it’s woke. Because it is a trine, you can also likely find those right words you need- and get things moving while at the same time, keeping things more or less together.

As I mentioned before, this one, well, it’s sort of an odd duck because it’s like one end of the coin, and the coin flips- and there’s the other. You may see some shitty behavior, some horrible things about other people- but you might also see some beautiful things that fill you with a lot of hope. Two roads you can take, too. There’s a pretty nice trine that doesn’t really tie into the retrograde per se going on- with the Sun and the Moon which will soften some blows and help some of those shitty square energies be a little less “My god, it all fucking sucks, I should just give up all together” and more motivation to change things. And holy crap, the potential to completely turn your life around in weirdly swift ways? Yep, that’s there, too.

However, to bring it back around- you’re dealing with the Lord of Karma, and again- let’s define this one as action.

You have things you want to change in your life- your first step has to be, ask yourself:

What the fuck am I doing?

There are two ways you can then go on to figure out the hows and whys. I am going to give you a very basic look at how to figure out where this shakes out for you- and I recommend if you opt for this, you look at both the date it stations retrograde and the date it stations direct. First option being, you DIY that puppy. Click this link to find my walk through on how to use to figure out where planetary stuff happens in your own chart: HEY LOOK YOU COULD LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE WHILE YOU ARE AT IT.  I even made it so it’d open in a new tab, so it’s all convenient. Oh and would you look at that- if you need to know what it means through the houses, once you find them: I DID THAT, TOO.  You should share that post, because, well, whenever you share my posts or comment on them- I am like “Yay! Validated, you like me!” and because I don’t get paid for that, it encourages me to keep making posts like it.

Or, if this is all perplexing crap or you’d like to go deeper, you can book an astrology consult or even several with me and I can help you figure it all out. Click Here To Book Readings With Me.  For those in the St. Louis area, I do occasionally offer in person consults- please make sure you email me about availability on those.



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