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Victoria’s Card of the Day: King of Coins


This is a really positive card indicating a lot of ambition and drive leading to discipline, which leads to stability and abundance. It’s sort of a transitional card- and as a result, is both advice and encouragement.


The advice comes in with this card showing that if you lean into that ambition and you temper it with the hard work and discipline you need: you are going to succeed. Matter of fact, the encouragement’s always the same: inevitable rewards of hard work, but also, smart work. This card somewhat heralds the end of the fiscal struggles and shows prosperity on the way- caveat being: you need to think like the King here. That wasn’t an Elvis reference, though I suppose it could be. I can’t think of a fiscal Elvis song off the top of my head, but…anyway. (Though I did just put on All Shook Up, because it’s my favorite Elvis song. Go fig.)


If you look at the cards that come before the King here, you get a big tip: the Page and the Knight- they haven’t proven themselves yet, but they’re on their way: the King, well, he’s made it. And you can, too. You get this card and you can usually bet that if you’re already working on a project- it’s about to start showing you why you worked so hard on it: rewards on the way. The goal’s about to be reached.


This is also a card of advice in another way: This King is not stingy. He is generous, benevolent and kind- without martyring himself. So, you may wanna start paying it forward and sharing the joy: shared joy increases, you know: and if you’re in a position to do so, you should. Not just because it’ll make somebody else’s day- but get that karma wheel rolling in a more positive direction- be somebody’s blessing. The King of Coins would remind you to keep that receipt- it’s probably a tax deduction, if that matters to you.
Lastly, this card reminds you that it’s quality, not quantity that makes or breaks things. You can have ten million little plastic doodads that snap and break: once they’re gone, they’re gone. But one well built machine lasts forever. Make sure your investments have the long term in mind- whether they are monetary or the time you spend.

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