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Victoria’s Card of the Day: Faith


This one is one of the special cards- and I mean, you won’t find them in the Rider Waite, so that kind of makes them special: but they are so special to me. The Minchiate has Virtues listed and, well, frankly I’ve always seen them as being akin to the 12 Virtues from Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. Yes, I am one of *those* nerds. Though there are only 4 specific Virtues in the deck- other cards correspond and I can lecture for days on this: but, Faith, to me, this is a beautiful thing.

I don’t mean the dogmatic faith. I don’t mean any specific doctrine- though, I suppose you could. When I speak of Faith and when I read it in this deck, for me, it is a deeply personal message: which I guess makes it funny I’m posting it to this page, but- maybe you need it. Maybe you need that little bird, singing in the tree to help you feel right with things again.

Lauryn Hill said: “The whole world is a hustle. Faith is just a muscle; gotta use ya hands and stuff!”
And within the Apocryphon of John-

The One is

illimitable, since there is nothing before it to limit it,
unfathomable, since there is nothing before it to fathom it,
immeasurable, since there was nothing before it to measure it,
invisible, since nothing has seen it,
eternal, since it exists eternally,
unutterable, since nothing could comprehend it to utter it,
unnamable, since there is nothing before it to give it a name.

So, when I speak about faith, please don’t think I name it. You can’t. I think if you did, you’d undervalue how beautiful it truly is or how painful when it seems outside of our grasp. The distance you feel when you no longer believe- whatever it is you believe in, can be one of the most hurtful and heartbreaking things. For some, this is loss of faith in “God”, for others, their own paths, or even: just losing faith in yourself. There. I hope that’s pretty inclusive.

The Faith card reminds us that within us all- and outside of us all, we carry the seeds of our own ascension. Whether that be a spiritual matter or a more tangible, real life application: ultimately, the power to change your life, to change your situation is yours.

For me, whenever I see the Faith card pop up in a reading it is just quietly singing this beautiful, haunting song of the soul- it’s encouragement on a deep level.

You can do this.
Whatever it is you need to do.
Whatever the path has ahead for you.
Whatever it is that scares you- intimidates you, whatever it is you have to fight.
Whatever changes you must make, no matter how they overwhelm you.

You won’t drown in the changes, you’ll kick your feet and surface into the sunshine in a spray of clear water- faith being as fluid as that.

Again: You can do this.

You are a part of this. A part of everything. Believe.

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