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Victoria’s Card of the Day: Libra

Don’t worry, we’re just trying to balance things out a bit more, which is kinda funny given the first card I draw in this is Libra. 😉 Jen will still be doing her Card of the Day, too- we’re just going to take turns so that the workload gets spread out a little bit better.


When you get the Libra card in a Minchiate Tarot reading- it means to think on those things that Libra represents. The zodiac sign Libra is the scales: so, you can bet that this card indicates you’re seeking balance or you’re needing it in some way. More than that, though- this card will illuminate the areas of your life that these things are needed- fairness, rightness, peace and harmony are something to strive for, now.

Libra tends to be the peacemaker of the signs- and the focus is usually relationships. It may be a platonic friendship, business, or even intimate relationships: but, the issues at play will come to the forefront of things and you’ll be better able to right what’s wrong, balance what needs to be balanced, and compromise for the greater good.

If you’re single- often this card can indicate that the time is right to seal the deal and take the next step in a friendship that’s ready to go romantic. It can also mean that getting out there and socializing a bit will lead to interesting encounters- maybe a little bit of those sparks get to flying. If you’re not, well, maybe you’ve been getting a bit annoyed with the imbalances you see in your relationship, and it’s time to address those things so that you can move forward.

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