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So, How Will July Shake Out?

I’m pretty sure by now everyone’s exceptionally glad that Mars has stationed direct- or, are you? First, let me go into the New Moon in Cancer on the 4th, because, well, it’s a bit more hopeful, I think. This is an amazing time for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable, and to better open up to others- but, being Cancer, of course you’ll also find that things that concern house and home are often favored. What I always like to do with each New Moon is a heavy duty cleaning and clearing. I do a lot of clearing as it stands, just matter of course- but, on the New Moons I usually make a pretty big deal of it: from the tangible to the spiritual. From there, with a Cancer New Moon, though: it’s a fantastic time to maybe invite some people over and enjoy spending time with them. Kicker to all of this being: you’ve got to be willing to be open, vulnerable, wide to receive, as they say. You’ll find that a lot of blockages can go by the wayside- or at least, get started on that, and you can reconnect with those you feel distant from. This gives way the same week with this awesome trine- Venus/Mars in Cancer?

If your heart’s been sore because you’ve been feeling like there’s a big fat wedge of shit between you and the one dearest to you: this could be the starting point for which you begin the heavy lifting of repairing that breach. Or, well, say you’re kinda feeling up for some strange- there is the potential for that, too. Or, you know, just romance in general. The thing of it is, if you really want it to be- you need to do something to 

giphySomething else to understand, before you get discouraged by a lack of progress there- often, these trines and other aspects need triggering by another event to really fully show their impact. If you’re noticing that this New Moon’s doing some interesting things: well, welcome to the mutable Grand Cross from June’s vibe, the redux due to other lunacy factors occurring this weekend, as well. Adapt, adjust, and learn to change things up- and you’ll make the most of that.

Now, there’s something pretty great going on and Jen wrote about this a bit: Mars stationed direct towards the tail end of June on the 29th and this, well…if you were or are stuck, would you just look at all the allies you have at getting unstuck? Oh you bet, there are other things at play showing you just why you need to get unstuck from those limiting mindsets and situations: and yep, challenges. Checks and balances, is all it is. 

Granted, I keep reading people saying “People were so stuck and stalled and sluggish” when, that’s not necessarily true. Depending on a variety of factors that retrograde may have hit you a few different ways. For me, it was…explosive. For quite a few of my clients, it was, too. Not to pimp our shit too hard, here- but if you’d like to be better able to personalize this kind of thing, it is ALWAYS best to have your chart done and you can do that here. I mean, if you find yourself nodding to some things but giving the rest the side eyeball, as I always say- there are 7 billion people on this planet and whenever we do the general overview: well, you get the idea. If you click here, you can get to know me a little better and order one from me. Or, you can click here and pick whatever you want from any of us. 

Here’s the thing about Mars getting all direct pants again- you might be feeling pretty ready to make some changes but: if you don’t have a good idea of what direction you need to be moving, you don’t have a plan or maybe the plan you’ve got is just a bit too restrictive: shit can be really infuriating. You might be feeling a nice jolt of “I wanna do this thing!” and, well, if you’ve got your ducks in a row, you’re ready to kick some ass. But it can be a restless sort of thing if you do not.

Moving on, though- on the 12th, that delightful Venus/Cancer influence moves on and POW, both Venus and Mercury move into Leo. Mercury is sort of chasing Venus on the 13th.

What’s that do?

giphy (1)

July does not suck so far. Or rather, it doesn’t have to- of course, whether it sucks or sucks not is widely dependent upon you, isn’t it? Because, well, that getting unstuck part plays a pretty big role in it- and in order to make the most of everything, get unstuck. Be unabashed. Be vulnerable and be wild in your loving. Over the top and expressive- but for the love of pete, just go there.

So, we move on then to…Capricorn. Wah wah wah. Sounds like the big ol’ buzzkill on the romance, doesn’t it? Except, that means you don’t know goats. You should. Aloof and stick up the ass is not quite what’s up- but anyway, Full Moon in Capricorn? Here’s where we come to the deeper waters- on the 19th, this Full Moon’s an interesting one. What happens when you get Capricorn and a heavy hitting Mars influence? (Blows on fingernails a bit, polishes.) Awesome, that’s what. Sort of. Thing is, this one’s also got a couple aspects to Uranus in the mix and everything’s a bit on the weird side.

If you’ve had some shit going on that put a hitch to the giddyup- some issue that has been really nagging, something making it harder for you to believe that you were worthy or deserving: well, these issues may come to light in a big way. This may bring some conflict into the mix but, if you work with it, if you actually solve the problem this time? Well, you can end some crappy repeating patterns.

Here’s what you do- you balance things, better. You are probably a hell of a lot stronger than you realize and you have likely shown tremendous emotional fortitude for a while now. Matter of fact, that might be part of the issue- well, you pull on it for you, this time. You make a decision- you need to set that intent: and do what you need to in order to balance the turbulent emotions that might be rising up as a result of repressed feelings, resentment, and anger.

The progress you can have because of that will be amazing. Stick to it, though, this isn’t just for the day. Let this full moon show you where the weak spots are, and start considering how best to either fix it, fuck it, or chuck it. Manifestation is not, nor has it ever been that cheesy fluffy “Close your eyes and wish it to be!” at least, not entirely. Get ready to kick some ass and you kick some ass.

You’ll get a bit of a break, come about the 22nd as the Sun moves into Leo anyway- but, there’s a bit of a thing here as Mercury goes quincunx Pluto. If you are not careful, all the scrapping for control you’ve been doing is going to boomerang back and bite you square in the ass. How to avoid this? Don’t get so hung up on micromanaging shit. Don’t get all controlling- you are making changes and progress, you are trying for growth- that does not, nor has it ever meant, imposing your will on someone else. As you work on these things, bear in mind that a big part of the process of correcting course will be learning to trust or let go as needed. Sometimes, you see, the person you need to learn to trust- is yourself.




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