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New Moon in Aries- but, wait, there’s more!

This morning, I am sitting here, waiting for dawn to arrive. I do this pretty much every day- I’m a morning person. This morning, Thursday, April 7th- at around 6:09 am, we’ve got a New Moon in Aries. This is an interesting day as far as aspects go- a day fueled by fire. (I am actually going to stop in writing this in a few minutes and draw cards for a client’s Celtic Cross reading. It’s always nifty when I can do that.)

I think I have mentioned before that the New Moon is a wonderful time to set new goals, to get things moving forward, and to have new beginnings. I’m not being all cheesy new agey with this, either- consider the behavior of the moon each month. There’s always a New Moon, there’s always a Full Moon. Common understanding is that the seeds you plant- so to speak- during the New Moon, begin to show fruition during the Full Moon in the same sign. This particular new moon is in Aries. Its corresponding Full moon will be on October 16th.


The energy presented in this particular chart is pretty crazy- except, it’s not an energy that can move forward. Not yet, anyway. Well, maybe partially. Mars doesn’t station retrograde until the 17th- and given Mars rules Aries, the slowness at play in juxtaposition with these aspects may be incredibly frustrating. However, as I said: remember, things tend to cycle by the moon. October, you should begin to see the fruit of what you’ve got going on. You may see signs and indications before that- but, by October, there should be clear indicators that you’ve done what you needed to do, already present.

Remember, also, Saturn is retrograde- stationed retrograde on March 25th of this year, as a matter of fact and that can also really be a big, fat buzzkill. The fact that Saturn’s in trine with that New Moon is interesting and basically what you’ve got is a big situation where Aries is like, “What the hell? I wanna fight! I wanna win!” And Saturn’s going, “Hey, slow the hell down, what have you done to train for this battle, Aries? Huh? Look at you. You’ve been on the couch, binge watching Netflix. You’d better work a bit before you charge forth.”
Now, you can either let this turn you into a total bitch. You can’t do exactly what you want to, just yet. Odds are pretty good you’re going to encounter plenty of people who do- either they’re hurting or they’re just being assholes. Either way, try not to pay a lot of attention to that. There could be a lot of shitty behavior during this time as tensions arise that make people pretty freaking grouchy.

giphy (1)

As I have mentioned before- and it bears repeating: your life didn’t stop during the last transit that you didn’t know about, did it? It won’t stop for this one. Accepting that no, things aren’t going to be all wine and roses is your first step. Continuing the good, hard work that you start- that’s the next. A lot of people harsh on Saturn’s influence, but Saturn’s not bad- okay, okay, Greater Malefic, and all that, but: the whole thing is, Saturn tends to reveal those areas where hard work and patience are needed- discipline, structure, and continued perseverance.

Consider Aries, the warrior, and consider- you don’t leap up from the couch and start fighting a battle. A good broadsword’ll yank your shoulder right out of socket if you attempt it. I was about to say “and anyway, who has a broadsword?” except…I know people who do. But you get the idea- the fire’s there. Spirit willing, flesh is weak. Only, your flesh may not be weak, whatever the deal is with you: now just isn’t the time.

giphy (2)

Another thing to note about this particular chart is that Chiron’s just hanging out right there with that South Node, giving you a heads’ up into the past and they’re sitting right there in Pisces. This is a place of grief. Of loss. Of tearing away the old bits of you. You might be confronted with a lot of shitty things you did in the past, poor choices you made, or even people who you consider to have been poor choices. Things you thought were over and done might come back up like hot sauce on chili cheese dogs.

You have an ally here and that ally is the fact that the New Moon is in Aries. This is a wonderful time to heal those old wounds- to really put them to rest. My natal chart shows that well, the New Moon pings right in the 5th house- and right alongside my own south node. What in the hell have I got coming back from my past? Hmm. House of pleasure, creativity and sometimes, affairs- fan-fuckin’-tastic. I won’t even go into the interesting aspects coming into play there as well: but the New Moon should be somewhere around 18 degrees Aries for you, if you want to check that out.

Above all else, recognize that this all boils down to a choice, right now: frustration, resentment, bitterness at things going slower than you want or need, or getting your shit together so that you can come out of it all much stronger.

As usual, it’s up to you. 😉

Go get ‘em, Tiger. Or, rather, don’t go get ‘em, but get ready to go get ‘em. You get the idea.


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My current punkins and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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