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New Moon in Aquarius: No Peace For Love or Money

Of course, we haven’t even hit the Full Moon in Leo, yet- that’s tonight, but, let’s get you prepared early for that New Moon on February 8. Some say it’s gonna be a doozy. You know me, I’ll probably just re-post this as we get closer to time anyway.

But first….

This artwork is not mine, but one I discovered while looking for new sources of zodiac signs to buy on one of the stock photo sites. I often run across stuff like this, but…this one got me right in the feels, man. I know that for many of my Aquarius friends: looks familiar, doesn’t it? This artwork is by the really awesome Fernando Rodriguez over at I’d say I’m getting this one to go on my wall, but actually: I’ll probably get this crazy ass alien queen, instead. Because that’s just how I roll. But, if you want to get one of the best depictions of Aquarius I’ve ever seen: you can do so here. 

So, a New Moon in Aquarius is usually not all that stressy. However, what a lot of people fail to recognize is: there are aspects involved that will change the way any other given aspect does its thing. Beyond that, then, those aspects have things going on- and well, it becomes a giant cosmic game of telephone. So, let’s start this party, shall we?

What do you do with a new moon, anyway?

We begin with exactly what it is a New Moon does. Now, for me, the New Moon’s a particularly special time. You’ve no doubt heard about werewolves and how the full moon’s their thing? The New Moon is mine. For most people, the new moon’s all about the end of a cycle and the start of another. In terms of magic- well, the Sun conjunct the Moon gives some interesting bits of substance well beyond fluffy crap manifestation. This is where you can look at everything laying out in front of you- and start getting some things done. Close a door, open the dang thing right back up- that is in fact, how doors work. 

It’s an absolutely great time for you to take a look at the crap you do but you hate, it’s a time to look at those cycles that played out through the month before, and well, look at the self limiting bullshit you’ve been holding yourself to with no ego or shame. Like, you know, maybe your tendency to write run on sentences. Okay, that’s one of mine. Anyway…

The magic of the new moon is all about figuring out some new things. Creative things. Whether or not those things turn out to be better or not, well, guess you’ll be thinking about that during the next new moon: but, this is your blank slate. Wipe it clean.

Reason I say that you might not necessarily feel like these things are better: new moons are notorious for knee jerk types of things. Happy, happy joy joy, impulse control problems. Bearing in mind that the influences at play under any particular auspice might drag on out til the next one: whew, boy howdy. Could be a mess. Or, it could be the most awesome thing since honey butter on wheat bread. It’s up to you, really. However, the very best time to use this is going to be that first half of the month following. Right in on that fantastic new moon energy.

Something about Uranus just stinks here…

Aw, David, you adorable man you, don't facepalm 'cause of my pun. Facepalm because Mars is quincunx Uranus for this. "Wait, what? Victoria, in English, please."
Aw, David, you adorable man you, don’t facepalm ’cause of my pun. Facepalm because Mars is quincunx Uranus for this.
“Wait, what? Victoria, in English, please.”

Okay, so, that’s not exactly where we start this off. Where we start this off is how we get to Mars from the Moon in the first place. That’d be the way the new moon’s doing a little tango with Mars. As a result of this, you may find that smooth, wonderful sextile we’ve got going with Uranus gets beat up. Usually, that sextile would make things all comfy, balanced and harmonious. You throw this Mars stuff into the mix and you’ve got a serious case of the grumpies. Reason being, that balance can’t happen when you’ve got a bunch of crap you haven’t dealt with. This is what’s going on- you’re wanting to be chill, and yet, well, you’ve got to deal with this stuff. You’ve got to step on out of the box and take care of some things you’d probably rather not. However, if you want that balance and harmony: take care of it and don’t be whining about it. It’s a mess. Clean it up. 

The fact that this is all going down in the 2nd decan of Aquarius just throws some introspective brain weasels into the mix. Don’t be intimidated, don’t be scared, but, be careful- take care of the things you need to, but also? Think big. No, bigger than that. Those brain weasels I mentioned will do one of two things:


  • Demotivate the crap out of you, causing you to make a bunch of excuses, procrastinate and in general, continue the damaging cycle. Would you rather make progress or make excuses?
  • Oooor, this could be the motivating factor that helps you handle it all.


Now, that quincunx- not a bad thing at all. This gives you a sort of outside view of things, a flow you might not have had before: if you’re willing to be a little more daring, a little more willing to do some new things- well, you’ll find yourself able to figure out that balance you might not have otherwise had. Like I said, new things. Rather than looking at the issues presented as massive headaches- you take this time and you go, “Ok, it’s time to stop this once and for all. If I do what I have always done- I will get what I have always gotten.” and just go from there.

So, where is this problem coming from? If you note that the Sun’ll be square Mars at this time- likely, this is going to be someone you already freaking dislike anyway: or someone who feels the need to compete with you. This can cause you to sort of get a bug up your butt and as you do so- you react to even the slightest little vaguebook of theirs with claws out. Don’t do that.

Remember, outside of the box. If you’ve been dealing with this crap for a while now, if you do the same thing, this crap just won’t stop. You want it to stop, so you work with the energy present in a manner that befits your awesomeness.

How do you purge the more destructive aspects of this influence? Well, rather than fire off a nasty all caps rage thing or vaguebook right back: rub one out. Not even joking. Rub one out, do some cardio, go shovel the sidewalk if it snowed where you’re at- whatever, just do something seriously physical and get rid of it. For those of you with partners, they probably won’t mind you taking it out on them, either: as long as you’re doing so in a manner that is…ah, enjoyable. I’m pretty sure you get my drift given I already said rub one out. Don’t yell at them, don’t get snippy and gripe: you think about it, you do that kind of thing and all you’re really doing is allowing that scuzzbucket you hate to manipulate you down to your very relationship. Why do that?

Whatever you do, though, do it in a focused and disciplined way, and you should be fine. But trust me, there is a reason I mention relationships- and I will get to that in a minute.

Even though that may help, you might still find yourself sort of struggling with the anger you feel. This person is a jackass, and you’re tired of it. Try a different approach. Don’t lash out again. Don’t get into the stupid neverending online arguments with this person or whatever it is you do. Biggest thing? Don’t take their bait. They probably could stand to go rub one out, too.

The great thing about all of this is that because the Sun is also sextile Uranus- well, balance will be awesome. Motivating. It’s not gonna calm you down at all- it’ll stop you from being such an ass, but, it’s not going to be your big ol’ slice of cream pie zen. No, it’ll have you feeling pretty awesome, give you some great ideas, and probably help you come to a better understanding of yourself, as well.

You said…something about love, right?

I did. And for some of you, the above energy may have you introducing some handcuffs, sound spankings, or other fun stuff to your bedroom. Here’s where it gets not so fun, though…

New Moon blog gifs

So, let’s start with Venus square Uranus. Yeah, that tickles, doesn’t it?

Seriously, though- this tells us the other problem that might get a bit of a highlight during this lunation: the stability of our financial situation or relationship might get challenged, just a bit.

In love, this usually manifests itself as a result of feeling stagnant in the relationship, bored, or otherwise, being stifled. See why I said bust out the handcuffs? I’m not being gross, it’s a good tip. Just the tip, though.

Actually, doing something, anything new in your relationship would probably help this. Could be actually in the bedroom, doing something different- and, well, I highly suggest you ask first, because nobody really likes the shocker, even when Venus is Square Uranus.

It also could be just having a much more open discussion where you’re more vulnerable and showing your partner a side of you that you haven’t before.

I can’t really tell you what you should do there, you know your relationship better than me at this juncture- but I can tell you what not to do.

giphy (3)

Don’t allow the insecurities brought on by your brain weasels to make you more controlling, jealous, or in general, crazy. That might be where you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Express them openly, and honestly- but, for the love of god, own your shit. Your partner did not make those insecurities happen- some of their actions may have wheedled them a bit, but they were there before and if you don’t work on these things: they will be there after.

But, if you’re single, this doesn’t actually suck so hard.

Whoooooah, maybe not THAT good...
Whoooooah, maybe not THAT good…

New love’s a possibility, as is new bedroom fun- and you might find your eye wandering from your usual type. I was going to try to chunk this out, but, you know, there’s also this Venus sextile Mars stuff hopping, which will have juuuuust the right blend of sexy and charm probably amping up your appeal quite a bit. It will have you feeling more confident, if you allow for it, and that can help you go after those you want with a little less hesitance. A New Moon is kind of fun for this sort of thing, anyway. 

Wait, really? These are good things- is there a "but" in there somewhere? Of course there is, I'm talking about Uranus.
Wait, really? These are good things- is there a “but” in there somewhere?
Of course there is, I’m talking about Uranus.



All this confidence merged with going after new and exciting things can in fact, have you tripping on your…intention, and falling in love with the wrong person. Frankly, unless you’ve got some rockin’ stuff going on in your chart in respect to all of this: I’d just enjoy a little play time and let it be on the commitment front for now. Relationships initiated during these time frames tend to…well, you find out pretty quickly once the honeymoon’s over that sometimes: just because it’s a different person didn’t mean you changed.

He's a Leo, but his show's Aquarius, so, I think that counts, right? Don't ask me what my thing for Leos is...because I don't know, but my god, do I have a LOT of exes that are.
He’s a Leo, but his show’s Aquarius, so, I think that counts, right? Don’t ask me what my thing for Leos is…because I don’t know, but my god, do I have a LOT of exes that are.

It is however, a really great time to go on dates, and well, keep things cool. You’ll probably be able to attract people easier, and beyond that- in respect to money, it’s a fantastic time to start on a new project. Creative endeavors really get a nice boost during these transits, and you’ll find that getting the support you need seems to come a little easier. A lot of this is just by chance kind of awesome stuff- but a lot of it, well, you step outside of your comfort zone, express those ideas with the enthusiasm you’ve got for them: people respond well to that.

So, you’ve got those two things and I think I illustrated how easily they can wash over into the other, if you allow it to happen. You don’t have to. When you have a new moon that’s semi-sextile Venus, as this one is, well, it will give you a bit of an edge when it comes to looking deeper and digging up things you need to use.

One of the bigger things about all of this is the spirit of balance and understanding, rather than just reacting. Using the introspective brain weasels to convey how you feel without blaming anyone else. Owning why it is these exterior things eat at your interior, so to speak.

While all of this may look like a serious pain in the ass, the thing of it is- it’s not. More than anything these aspects come together to show you where you need to fix some things- where you need balance, where you need to own a few things, and from there, how you can do something differently so that the issues presented during this time don’t happen again.

So, to sort of sum it all up, try something different. Rather than blame the asshole, for, well, being an asshole and continue to engage in the same dumb cycles you have: stop it. It can end when you end it, unless you’re secretly enjoying the derpalicious competitive crap. Don’t take it out on other people, unless, well, you take it out in consensual, fun ways. Mix it up a bit, think outside of the box and-

giphy (8)
Lighten up a bit, sunshine, it’ll get better.

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