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Parent and Child Charting

Subtitled: How to completely derail what you thought was going to be a relatively simple exploration by doing it on the fly. 

When people ask me about compatibility reports, they tend to mean for romantic relationships. Of course, though, we have many different types of relationships and one that every once in a blue moon comes up is that between a parent and a child. I don’t get this one nearly as often, but, it’s actually pretty interesting. I’m going to show you what that looks like, using myself and my youngest son, Thomas, aka The Fish’s charts.

The very first thing that I do, when looking into parent and child charts is to individually look at each chart, just as I do with any compatibility report. However, when we’re talking about a parent/child relationship, specifically, between a mother and son, there are a couple of areas I look at first. Since I’m looking at Fish’s chart, I look at the 4th house, which is where we tend to find a lot of information about emotions, possible past lives if you go in for that, and the querent’s mother. In this case, that’d be me.

Fish’s Fourth


Fish’s 4th house is empty. Well, shit.


Actually, most people go in for the explanation that well, if a house is empty, it doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Mine is also empty, as is the 4th house in our composite chart. I’m really just putting this here to show you, well, this is usually where my eyeballs go first if it’s a relationship between a child and a mother. We can also look at the 10th house, because that’s where you find information about the father. I also look at the ascendant and some other stuff, but we’re just starting out, please hold at the tone. Bear in mind, this is Western: in Vedic, those houses are actually reversed for these things.


Looking at Fish’s 10th house: BAM, Saturn. Not just Saturn, though, but Saturn in Scorpio. Little peek at the connecting factors and oh boy, Venus is conjunct Saturn, the Moon is trine Saturn: hey, look at that, that 4th house being empty really didn’t mean shit when it comes to our relationship becaaaaaaause: Venus and the Moon are also areas of interest when looking into a child’s relationship with his or her mother. Going further, he’s got Saturn sextile Pluto, and then, last- Mars sextile Saturn.

That’s a whole mess o’ astrology speak, but I can already see several astrologer daddies pinching the bridge of their noses. Poor Kurt!

To which, I would respond with: Yeah, well, where do you think the kid gets that, exactly?

So, here’s where we go into things and I am going to try to break this down, so we can hurry up and get to that composite. Generally, whichever house Saturn is in, you can also look at that for Dad- but, well, this makes it Dad times Ten, here, so to speak. For Fish, his relationship with his father is going to mean everything to him and it will form the basis of how he relates to pretty much everyone else as he goes through life.

Kinda smoosh the Scorpio/Venus stuff together, it really just shows that as he grows, he may tend to keep his feelings close to the vest. I don’t have Kurt’s chart pulled up in front of me at the moment, but, well, this makes total sense: I absolutely adore my partner, but he’s got the emotional expression capabilities of a potato, whereas, well, I on the other hand have a tendency towards WAY too much expressing at very, very high volumes. The other thing, and we have already seen this in Fish: he really, deeply, strongly dislikes any big shifts in the way people feel and express that. He’s deeply sensitive to my stress in particular- which we can actually see outlined in his chart with a number of factors. His biggest reason for holding the things he feels close to the vest? If he feels unworthy, if he feels like he’s not good enough: he can and he will shut down. So, that right there tells you, Dad, structure and a good balance of discipline with praise is essential. Tada. Kurt is pretty good about that, so, we’re good.

However, when you look at that Moon trine Saturn- you look at the other factors impacting it. Fish’s Moon is in the 7th, which is another big tip off that as parents, providing Fish with emotional security and a balance is important. Of course, that is common sense of any child, but in Fish’s case, this is emphasized, and further so by the fact that his Moon is in Cancer: another mother indicator. Fortunately, his mother just so happens to be one of the most emotionally expressive, high praise people there is. This need is further emphasized by the fact that we can see his Moon is in opposition to his Ascendant. Fish truly will seek out a life partner that is a lot like me. Lots of people do that, but, some are more prone to it: and according to his natal chart, he’s one of them.


And now we’ve gone from Poor Kurt! to Poor Fish!

I actually could have told you he had the Moon in opposition to Pluto, because my Fish is obsessively jealous. Though he’s remarkably protective of his brothers and our pets- any one of them seems to be getting more of my attention than he is, and he turns into the toddler tornado.

He’s got a handful of other things impacting his Moon which convey one of those still waters run crazy chaotic underneath, and indicate a risk taker. Given I have pried him down from more counter tops and other high places than I can count already- I’d hazard a guess as to the nature of the risks he’ll find absolutely irresistible.

I’ve rambled a bit about Fish’s parental relationships and their impact on his emotional well being- but, now, let’s go into that composite for a specific look at how he and I relate.

Mother and Son Composite

Subtitled: Oh, shit, is that a stellium?!


The Sun, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus are all parked squarely in the 2nd house and all of them in Capricorn. Yes, yes, it is.

Ease up, stelliums aren’t bad. They’re not. They aren’t. No, they’re not intense. They’re not challenging. If I type that about a million times, I may vaguely believe that to be true: but it isn’t. The part about them being bad, that’s a little misleading. Bad’s sort of relative. Capricorn stelliums with Uranus and freaking Neptune make almost no sense whatsoever. Seriously, they don’t. It’s like a near constant war, not just with oneself, but with pretty much everyone. Where it goes “Hooooly shit!” is that Mars, Uranus and Neptune just so happen to be a triple conjunction.

Looking at the composite: we are as a mother/son pair a couple of willful, unpredictable jackasses- and the worst part of it all is…we’re also very frequently right. Unless it’s a mutual decision about money, in which case: we might be really stupid. Good thing I don’t let my 3 year old make the financial decisions.

I’m just going to sum this all up a bit here, now- when you throw in the composite Moon here: it’s in the 8th and in Cancer and has a whoooole lot of favorable aspects to boot. Therefor, if asked to sum up my own mother/son chart in one blurb, I can look at these things and say:

I’m raising a revolutionary. The way that his father and I relate to him now will help impact his ability to inform himself and form his own viewpoints about things therefore- we may be the ones he revolts against. We may not be, but, the overall picture is of an intensely protective expressive relationship between mother and child that often erupts in temper tantrums on both sides, but ultimately, involves a very close emotional bond that is pretty standard in Mother/Child relationships. That’s duh, I hardly know any mother that isn’t that way towards her kids. What isn’t quite so duh is that will intensify, shift, change, and grow over time based on how I relate to him, how Kurt relates to him and the big piece of parental advice we can discern in all of this are:

Kurt should be more emotionally expressive, Mom should be more emotionally even keeled, and Fish should never, ever do our taxes.

I originally meant to flesh this out some more, but that stellium makes for a much longer and more involved look that needs to happen before I do so. 😉 Suffice it to say that yes, you can do parent/child charts and they’re often a very interesting look at things.


Don’t forget, we are in the final month of 2015 and of course, I’m doing my yearly readings to give you a peek at 2016. Go getcha one done, son. 




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