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Blood Moon and a Pastor Prophecy-Off

So, my astrology blogger reading list is just exploding with posts about the impending lunar shindig. Being something of a looney, myself, I figured I should just add to ’em.

These are sort of floating all around social media and the like. What kind of amuses me is that I remember when this started, and of course, it was an Apocalypse. I think that was one of 4 or 5 we were supposed to have in the last decade, not counting Ragnarok. I don’t count that one because 1. There was no Fimbulvinter and 2. It was a marketing thing.

Anyway, as I was cruising around, there they are again, Acts 2:20 quotes, Joel 2:31. Because, well, frankly, some people really have a hard on for all the death, destruction and otherwise that the End of Days is said to bring.

But what is a blood moon, anyway and why is this one so special?

Well, in the first place, we usually only have 2 lunar eclipses in a year. They’re also not always full eclipses. In order to understand this latest grouping- known as a tetrad, you have to have a basic understanding of what kind of eclipses there are.

This is going to be a total eclipse- which just means that the moon will be fully shadowed. Pow, whole face of the moon goes red for about an hour and this is why it’s called a blood moon. There are also partial eclipses and penumbral eclipses- the partial’s pretty self explanatory, and a penumbral eclipse is just when the Moon moves through the sort of edge of the Earth’s shadow.

Now there are  handful of reasons why this one’s being hailed as special predominantly featuring the fact that it’s the last one in a tetrad: meaning, whereas most years there may not be more than one full eclipse, well, since April 15h of last year there have been 3, with the last happening tonight around midnight. There have actually been 8 sets of these in the 21st century.

Is there a particular reason for the rise in Apocalypse ideas?

Yes. Though there certainly have always been legends about the blood moon, two pastors in particular have been making quite a lot of money promoting this up and coming Apocalypse. John Hagee and Mark Blitz. Now, there’s a lot of rivalry here, but essentially, both have published best sellers on the topic and, if Blitz is to be believed, he did it first because he started prophesying on the subject around 2008.  However, in the race to see who will make the most money scaring the shit out of people- Hagee beat him to it, publishing in 2013. According to Blitz, however, we have been in the time of the Great Tribulation since 2008- the only thing is, you won’t find that article on his site, because when that failed to occur, he simply deleted the article.

He did however, continue to push this and make money off of it, as has Hagee. The ensuing Harbinger of Doom Cage Match has been going on, since and thus far: I haven’t seen any horses or seals opening, guys.

Now, to go into the astrological lore behind all of this, it’s a little different. This full moon is hitting at a time when the Sun is in Aries and will be opposing the Moon, which is in Libra. When you’ve got a lunar eclipse in astrology- this always tips on relationship issues. Mostly, they are said to show those areas where our relationships are lacking in big ways.

When you get that sort of Aries and Libra thing going- it’s essentially a call for balance between our own needs, wants and desires and that of others.

If you’d like more information on this full moon, in terms of how and when to see it, as well as where you can find a live webcast of the eclipse, visit

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