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How To Find a Lost Dog Using Social Media

When our pets go missing, it’s a terrifying and emotional time, however, taking a step back to create the perfect social media listing can be critical to getting them home again. There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to create a social media post to find your pets. This is the wrong way:


This, however, is much more helpful:

Click the photo for a bigger version.
Click the photo for a bigger version.


When sharing lost pet information on Facebook or other social media outlets- it is important to have as much identifying information as possible in the post, as well as location and times, and then, contact information.

How To Help Lost Pets on Social Media

It’s important that you first understand how social media works, particularly Facebook. The reason you don’t want to put updates in the comments, is because the more comments, shares and likes a post gets- the more people see it. This is why even if the animal isn’t in your neck of the woods, a comment or share is always helpful. This holds true of anything you want more people to see- but when a pet is lost, time is of the essence, so, it is particularly important to make substantial comments on photos of lost or found pets and to share them. A comment like “I am praying for the same return of your little baby!” is perfectly fine.

It is also always good to post appropriate local shelter and rescue information, as well as any local organizations that may be of use to the person who lost the pet. (Or if you’ve found one.) I know for me, when Stella was lost- being new to the area, I had no idea about those things. You can also help the poster by sharing the original post to those pages, yourself.

So, that’s it, in a nutshell- the basics of using social media to find lost pets.

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