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Adlynn and Robert Hale

I guess for me, personally, this is a little pre-emptive. We are not planning on moving to an apartment, but it did make me think about all the small space gardening experiments I’d played with and helped others kick around. Last night, I was looking through the page feed when I came upon something really awesome that got the gears cranking in my head.

It was this Facebook share, by GMO Free USA.

You ever see something on your wall that has you hollering, “HEY HEY! Come and see this! This is REALLY Awesome!”? Then your partner says, “This better not be another dancing armadillo…”?
Yeah, it was kinda like that.










It made me think of this lady I knew when I was just starting out in a townhouse in Springfield- she lived a few doors down. She had all manner of plants and flowers just everywhere in her place. I don’t think she had any edibles, but man, it looked like a rain forest in there. It resonated because she had some stack looking set ups, just like that. With bleeding hearts, actually. That I remember because I’ve always loved them since.

But it also made me think about a case I read not too awfully long ago. The case of Adlynn and Robert Hale.

At about 7:30 in the morning on April 20th, 2012, their family home was raided. Why, you might ask?

They ordered hydroponic set ups to grow tomatoes. The couple was told during the raid they’d been watched for months, made rude comments accusing their son of being a druggie, and stomped through their home waving assault rifles, looking for pot they never found. Thing was, this was in Kansas, and well, in Kansas, you cannot see why they did it in public record. The couple had to spend thousands of dollars in legal costs just to find out why they’d experienced such a horrible thing. This prompted them to fight for legislation like other states have- the ability to look it up and have such issues a matter of public record.

And when I consider moving to the city, I tell Kurt every time: if I do this (Because, honestly, the idea of moving to the city’s just about as appealing to me as, well, moving to the city. Bleh.) then I am going to become very active in the community and its urban gardening efforts. I wouldn’t feel right otherwise. He supports me in this, as a matter of fact, he was looking over the linked material to help me figure out a system.

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that this sort of thing is a little intimidating, because we’ve seen so many government actions involving people simply growing things. Or sharing things. From Food Not Bombs’ arrests for feeding the homeless, to Morningland Dairy’s horror story– it would seem that good acts, acts that harm no one have become a bit on the iffy side, as far as our government is concerned.

When Kurt and I met, I was actually pretty excited about participating in a little public theatre style protest at the capital. Bear in mind- perfectly legal protest with a twist. Okay, it may have been immature but myself and the group I was with really wanted to make a statement. We were going to try to get me arrested dressed as Lady Liberty. Definitely would have made a statement. That was the point.

I was telling Kurt about it and he just shook his head. “Oh, man, you know, there are better ways of making a difference. You do have kids, you know.”

That might sound negative, but he’s really a big grounding influence, and he was actually right. However, it would seem that those other ways of making a difference are becoming more and more dangerous as well.

What on earth are we coming to, in all of this?

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