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And it’s just like starting over.

For personal reasons, the plan that we thought was fairly solid was rather abruptly shaken, not stirred and flipped upside down.

It had been a long time coming and we expected that. So, right now, we’re in this sort of cloud of unsure. I don’t really like looking at it that way, so instead, I’m going with, “This is a new beginning, a chance at something better. The path changed, but that doesn’t mean it sucks.”

This did, however, give us pause to re-do our short term goals. Once those are out of the way, my usual pattern of creating a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan, and a 10 year plan can get back on track. For now, though, to prevent the overwhelm which does seem to enjoy mucking up my brains: we’re just going with our six month goal term.

First things first, earn money in a better way. Most people know that we are both freelance writers, we both work with social media, and I have a fairly nice grasp on web design. Not a heavy duty one, but enough that I can make pretty sites.

We’ve been sort of scrap-hazardly playing around with things, and then, I took a step. I wanted to go from freelancer to entrepreneur. Though we do okay, I wanted to streamline things and create something more scaleable. My first step was to educate myself a little better, respective of business. This is where Robin came in, in a fun flash of serendipity. She linked me to what I am about to link you to- Seth Godin’s “The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time.” course on Skillshare. (Full disclosure, that’s my affiliate link.)

My initial response upon discovering Skillshare itself was how awesome it is. I mentally filed it away for future use, and began my course, which I am still taking. Seth’s course is really good- it’s not only informative, it’s uplifting, it’s interesting, and I’m really enjoying it. I have access to information I didn’t, before, in a format that is easier for me to wrap my noodle around. Granted, this is not my first time, but well, when you’ve fallen on your butt once and are watching videos, going through information, and learning about why you did so- it’s a worthwhile step back. So, I did.

In addition to still taking the course, I went ahead and organized Chameleon Blogging. Now, I’ve got some ideas for it, some plans, and some reasons why this is something different. I began working with better accounting, better organization, and studying my butt off on some of the nuts and bolts I’d been missing. I combined those with the ideas I’ve seen playing out in Kurt’s clients and my own. I now have a business model and a plan, which, in all the time I’ve been freelancing- I have lacked.

This is, of course, to finance our longer term goals, which for right now, have reverted back to “dream” status. Dreams are good. I dig ’em. So, I’m not sorry.

I also have some prepping, homesteading, homeschooling, gardening, and other sustainability things in the works, but as I mentioned on Facebook: those things don’t pay for themselves. In addition to all of that, we’ve got Fish and Company slowly forming in a much better way than simply slapping some stuff up on Etsy- and this makes me really happy.

Thank you guys so much for all your kind words of support, your encouragement, and your friendship. I cannot tell you what it means to me to see your encouraging words on our wall and in my inbox. You just rock!


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  1. Love Seth, I have a few of his books. I think you've always had the entrepreneurial spirit (whatever happened to Elemental Content?) but just had to pay bills first. I know you are a pretty determined person and a phenomenal writer. There is no doubt you will succeed!


  2. Overwhelmed with bills and other things, I took a step back from it. Kinda came to a point where I was thinking, "The whole point of this is freedom but I feel like a slave to this" and nope nope nope.


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