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Baking Day, Home Made Snickers, Peanut Butter Cookies, and a Lesson in Fractions

Home-Made Snickers

First, a point about food blogging and Pinterest. I know you know what I mean. You see these gorgeous recipes and you try to do it, but though you hope it’ll end up something like:

It actually ends up morelike this:
Food bloggers annoy the crap out of me for this reason. Because at some point, you’re going to attempt a recipe and it’s gonna have a “face for radio”. That was the first row of my Snickers, before I busted out the thin metal spatula. Two things about this recipe I’d recommend: 1. Use more chocolate on the bottom layer and 2. Make sure you have a thin metal spatula.
The recipe comes from The Brown Eyed Baker and I adore her. Her site is insane. She’s one of those bloggers who has all the prettiest photos- but I can’t hate her for it because well, I don’t hate anyone and I adore her recipes, anyway. Sprog 2 and I decided this has to happen because Snickers are my favorite candy, coming in a close second to Starbursts. (Which, by the way- WILL happen. You watch me.)
Because I’m annoyed with the companies and chemicals, finding ways to make my favorites at home is awesome. And it is. When you make this, use wax paper in the pan, this will make it SO much easier for them to come out prettier.

How we went with it….

Cooking at our home begins always, with music selection. Sprog 2 wanted Talking Heads and so, it was.
This was not just an afternoon of cooking- this is how we teach and learn math. So, he also chose a recipe that he would not only be working with, but he would bake a sample batch, freeze and store for later use.

He didn’t choose a BEB recipe. He chose a Momma Coyote recipe. Peanut butter cookies. I know, my handwriting is awful.
And so, we began.
I don’t like melting things in the microwave as BEB says to, so, it’s the make shift double boiler.

That’d be pyrex on a water filled pot. Works well.
Someone was eating chocolate chips while he was helping me prepare the nougat. Anyone have a guess?
We fished it out, and the sugar and cream are doing well.
“Sprog 2, sweetie, were you also at the Marshmallow fluff?”
“Who, me?!”

Got a good melt going…
The fluff and peanut butter go into the cream and sugar….And vanilla. I almost never write an amount of vanilla because I’ll inevitably double, triple or even quadruple it. People never use enough vanilla.
Lookin’ pretty…

In with the nuts.
The bottom layer. I used three pans- because they were going to three houses. This was for Sprog 2 and his dad, the other was for us, and I made a small pan for Kurt’s mom.

In the meantime, he was getting his butter, peanut butter, and sugars creamed.

…and had also been at the fluff, again.
Fluff goes naturally with fractions, you see.

Meanwhile, I was starting to regret not purchasing the baking caramels. I think they’re unwrapped in the bag. This took a while.
Adding his dry ingredients…

While I got the caramel going nicely.

A little tip, if you’re going with a few smaller pans instead of one big one? One at a time and work fast. Once that caramel hits the cold nougat, it gets stiff and harder to work with.

Sprog 2’s finished sample batch. He now has a good amount of frozen ready to bake dough bagged and waiting in the freezer.

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