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Mini Review: The Fish Tries Graze-ing…

The Fish and Sprong 2 now get Graze snack boxes on a biweekly basis.
Sprog 2 was busy out at the barn, but The Fish was much, much too excited to wait.
Graze is currently offering the 1st and 5th box free: not that they’re terribly expensive to begin with: $6.00 which includes shipping. You can only get the deal by using a “friends code”. Currently both Holly and her friend Chrystal have some up for grabs. (Click the link on their names.) They get to take a buck off of a box or donate to The Graze School of Farming in Uganda.
This is not a full review, but The Fish would have you know he was quite fond of the Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl, pictured below, from Graze’s website.

2 thoughts on “Mini Review: The Fish Tries Graze-ing… Leave a comment

  1. I'm digging these boxes. Mine came yesterday. Few things I could live without but that flapjack thing I want everday! I'll be posting a review very soon.


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