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How Do You Deal With Poop When Cloth Diapering?

Continued from Can You Cloth Diaper a Newborn.

One of the most frequently asked questions about cloth diapering is what to do about the poop.

This is typically also one of the biggest reasons that people would choose to go with disposables, but it is no longer the issue it once was.

Because as babies grow, poop changes, you have to consider your cloth diapering methods and needs along with those changes. If you or the Momma To Be will be breastfeeding, initially, there’s no need to dump diapers or even rinse them prior to washing. This poop is water soluble and will come right out in the wash without leaving any grossness behind. (That is, it will dissolve and go down the drain with the first cycle of the washer.) A formula fed baby’s poop will need to be removed from the diaper prior to it being put in the washer. When babies begin cereal, their poop should be removed from the diapers before you wash them, as well.

How do you remove the poop from cloth diapers before washing them?

This isn’t a big deal at all, anymore. It will depend on your preferences, but you can check out the options for this fairly inexpensively. You can also combine any of these options.

The first option is to keep your diaper pail next to the toilet. All you have to do is shake the diaper into the clean, empty toilet bowl, slosh it around in the water to loosen further, and then toss it into the pail.

Another option is to use flushable diaper liners. These are fantastic because simply placing the liner into the diaper, shaking or peeling it off, into the toilet and the poop is gone with a flush.

A diaper sprayer is quite possibly one of the most efficient and mess free ways of getting rid of poop in cloth diapers. Some are portable and don’t attach to any plumbing, but others still yet simply attach to the plumbing behind a toilet. These are also wonderful when it comes time to potty train because you can easily clean out a toddler’s potty chair.

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