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Will EBT Benefits Be Cut Off November 1st, 2013?

Yesterday, I saw a rather startling image being shared far and wide on Facebook.

It’s origins were The Crossroads Urban Center, in Utah. (I wholly encourage you to donate if you are near to that one. If you’re not, I am sure your local food banks could use a little help, too.)
I did what I always do with such things. I set about fact checking the crap out of it, but this wasn’t until I had emailed the address listed in the memo itself.
I didn’t expect a response. The thing is, any time I have ever tried to get any kind of statement of fact from any government agency, I get a rather canned response and it always annoys me.
That didn’t happen this time.
This image is from my actual email, you don’t need to source verify it or anything, but if you want to, you can. Hit me up, man, that’s my email, I will forward the whole thing to you.
So, what did I learn from this?
Well, that the original image is in fact, unaltered and it’s truthful.
And, well, that things are uncertain, which was already pretty much known from the original memo.
Also, given the various responses to seeing the image- I have also learned something I already knew about society, but I’ll with-hold that one. Another rant, for another day.  I can tell you this- though I know this is a very heated topic, my standard still applies. I will give no audience to those who cannot offer anything constructive and rational to the dialogue, as usual.

But, there you have it. I know this isn’t MUCH information, but I did fact check, by going right to the “source” and she responded.

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