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Working From Home: The Links

I am going to begin the resource delivery here with a few links to get you started, and bearing in mind: these links are not jobs. They will not give you jobs. You cannot get jobs by joining a forum. (Well, usually, anyway.) What these sites are for, is a starting place to help you out. There’s a rule the Old Guard of these sites always holds: it’s rude to come on asking for a job. It’s still to come on asking who is hiring- because there are about a bajillion companies on any given day that may be. The more concise version of the rule is this- getting an at home job is absolutely NO different than getting one outside of the house. As I mentioned in the first post about this, it’s work. Work is work. If you come into it thinking otherwise, you’re pretty much SOL. There’s a reason- the old maxim you may have heard when you were younger still applies: make looking for a job your job and you’ll find something. Whatever else that may be involved there is down to you and down to the person doing the hiring- but, work it like you’re already working. Looking for work at home and applying is the same as doing it outside of the home.

Well, I mean, unless you count the whole, doing it in your pajamas while nursing a baby thing. I have never attempted to get an out of the house job that way but I’m thinking it’s probably not a great idea.

I could write a book on attitude and all that, but well, consider I also wrote a series on How To Make Your Own Wine. I’m not going to positive-attitude-is-everything all up in your business, but I can say, even if you maintain it just for appearances’ sake, it helps.

As you do this, you are going to find a whole mess of resources. These resources are usually attempting to sell you something. I always stayed away from the business opportunity section of the work at home pool. This is mostly because I dislike pyramid schemes and honestly, I’m not going to pester my friends and loved ones trying to sell them make up, cleaning supplies and other crap that is usually far too overpriced and toxic, to boot. (OK, some of it isn’t but, man. I did find some products I got excited about and…wah wah wah…sad trombone. Turns out, they sucked.) If you can find a business you can get excited about- I recommend researching the heck out of it. is a GREAT place to start. Apart from that, as I said- I don’t have much to say here, because I never explored it. Friends have. The only one I CAN say I explored is Arise.

I’m going to be perfectly frank with you, Arise itself does not bother me. They don’t do this- their little agency people do. Arise is a business opportunity that enables you to then go on, create an agency and hire others. It’s a very real thing, it’s legit and it’s actually not a bad set up. I didn’t like it because I don’t like having to stick to someone else’s schedule and that really does not work well with my life at all. You do have to pay some fees and you have to have an S Corp or…something else. I don’t recall the other type of corporate entity off the top of my head. It violates one of the other rules of at home work- but this is only because it’s a business opportunity. That rule would be:

Do not EVER. Ever. Ever. Pay someone to work for them.

More on that later. Anyway- Arise isn’t horrible. They have some poor reviews here and there, but actually, I worked for ATT through Arise and it wasn’t awful. I liked the training, I liked the way things were set up. I really dug the money- and I can vouch for the validity here. It’s just a little daunting initially because of the fees. You can get around the need for incorporation by hitting up one of those agencies- which brings me back to the original point: those agencies? If they’re not %100 transparent about being an Arise agency from the get-go, I would not trust them. But, I have an innate hatred for lack of transparency in business. You might be ok with it.

Where can you find such an agency?
Well. That brings me to the second point of this post: Work at Home community.

Like any other non-traditional thing, community is key. You can find resources, you can find friends and it just generally rocks like that. Again- have some class, don’t come on there and throw up a post begging people to give you a job. Don’t pick fights and act like the internet is your oyster. I do, frequently, and I can tell you: it narrows down your options. Which is fine, if you’re a stubborn big mouth like I am, with some of the resources I have. If you aren’t- I suggest you present yourself accordingly. Another tip: use a nickname that doesn’t connect to anything else online if you value your privacy and don’t list your email publicly. Easy peasy.

You want to maintain the niceness because that’s just a good way to be, but also because….quite a few people who hire are on there, in addition to people who work or want to. So, it’s a good idea to mind your Ps and Qs.

I really do not pay as much attention to as I do Work Place Like Home. It’s nothing personal, but WAHM used to be pretty awesome, then …well, bluntly put, they sold out. I can’t blame her (The original owner) for it, but, ever since, it’s just not been the same. I’ll still peek. There are also adult forums where you can find that sort of gig- and there is also the Warrior Forum, which is a terrific resource if you want to get into internet marketing, marketing writing and other stuff like that. (The Warrior forums link is totally work/child safe- the two links contained in the phrase adult forums, not so much, sometimes. Ad revenue’s a thing for them like any other site and think about the niche just a minute.)

Anyway, you sign up, make an account and then have access to these forums. If you look, you will find that there are many helpfully labeled posts to help you on your way, no matter what it is you’re looking for.

So, there you have it. This is a starting place, if you’re looking to dip a toe into Working At Home. I highly recommend you read up on things before taking the plunge, and don’t do what I did: get really desperate, out of work and just try finding it then. If you ARE there, surf around. They do link to Rat Race Rebellion, which I love- and a slew of other entry level type jobs that can get you over a hump or in some cases, even become something of a long term income source that won’t make you nuts.
There are, of course, the ones that will, too.

Let me give you a big tip, in terms of using Work Place Like Home to research companies:

Use it. You will more than likely find a lot of things being said.
Use it. You will more than likely find a lot of things being said.

As I do this series, it’ll likely be back and forth between this and regularly scheduled homesteading topics. Please don’t wig out if the next post is about home remedies for toe cheese or something. I will continue it, here and there.

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