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Back To School! Buy All The Things!

Right now, everyone’s being inundated with this season’s made-for-marketing event: Back to School. I can tell you, for me- the seasons are pock marked with this crap. From right before Halloween until New Year’s- you can bet you’re going to get hit with all manner of suggestions that you don’t love your family or you’re somehow weird for not buying a crapload of things for them for the holidays.

You might think, “Yes, but then a breather!” until you’re sitting there, awkwardly with your new sweetie to a Valentine’s Day commercial that indicates if he has not or does not drop a considerable amount on some cruddy bauble, trinket, floral arrangement, sex toy- he is not a man and he does not love you, and by gum, Valentine’s Day is THE day he should propose, blah blah blahbity…and the past couple of years- we as women have started to get the VD, too (Intended, yes, totally intended) because now, we get lube, lingerie ads and otherwise indicating for Valentine’s day, we better sex it up, presumably- in return for the crap he got us to prove he has a pair of testicles and loves us.

Then, Mother’s day. And it just goes on and on. We as mothers have long dealt with “Mom approves!” ads indicating that if we do not buy some chemical laden crap that says “natural!” on the label or otherwise- we obviously hate our children and want them to die horrible deaths or something. STOP IT AMERICA. It’s not that I am oppositional to holidays- not even remotely. As I have matured, I’ve gone from “Screw ALL that force fed sentiment!” and sort of lean more towards, “let’s use these days to promote positive thought and make a conscious effort to spend time and be grateful to each other” But you don’t need to buy crap to do that. You also don’t need a day.

While it’s true your kid probably needs some amount of crap to go back to school- help them understand this bull they’re seeing on tv and in society is a fat load, and remember that yourself as you’re dealing with the “your kid is ONLY socially acceptable if they have THIS way overpriced piece of crap whatever”.

Give them a real gift- teach them that quite honestly- being socially acceptable in this society?

Yeah, it’s kinda on par with being the ape that can throw his poo the furthest in the zoo.  Help free your kids. Raise them in understanding that this seasons “in” thing is next season’s crap- there are some things that endure, but mostly?

None of it matters.

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