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Things I Don’t Discuss And Why

I try to steer clear of a whole lot of debate-style talk on the page, mostly owing to the fact that I have long hated what I see in respect to that. Honestly, it’s sad, because having to be concerned that adults will actually act like adults- particularly involving very important issues is pretty telling of our society and at what a low point it actually is. The general rule is- there’s no being a jerk. If you are a jerk, the post is deleted unceremoniously because I refuse to give audience to people who don’t know how to conduct themselves in an adult discussion of important issues.

You see a whole lot of people bickering and being hateful to one another, but no real rational discourse. Everyone too busy trying to be right and make others feel stupid, and ultimately, I’ve always thought that was a bad way to go in activism of any sort. I mean, when’s the last time someone called you an idiot or worse and you decided that whatever point they were making was valid and worth a second look?

I firmly believe in rational discourse and I believe that we need to be able to discuss those issues on which we disagree without being inflammatory. It’s not that I’m perfect, I screw up all the time- but, there comes a point where you have got to recognize that this sort of divisive way of going about things isn’t helping anyone.

I actually believe it’s a really great tool for those who don’t want you to get it together and pay attention- divide and distract. So, the truth is many of these hot button issues are never going to be resolved because people have forgotten how to disagree, when to mind their own business, and well, to put it really bluntly: exactly what the Constitution says. There is no caveat in any of it that says “…unless you disagree with me.” in respect to me, you, or anyone else. It says all.

Having said that, there are a few things that you will never, ever see me debating on this page- faith, personal choices that impact no one but myself or possibly my partner and children, and the regular “moral” issues we see so often pop up. Why?

Because those things are not for me to tell another person and even just vaguely mentioning it seems to be an invitation for people who feel they are in fact, entitled to a level of influence they just aren’t. As to the common “moral” debates: I have yet to see one civilized discussion of any of those issues. I’m not pointing fingers unless I’m doing the vulcan wave and hitting all “sides”; I’ve yet to see a “side” can behave worth a shit when discussing them. And, point of fact, any of those common arguments, to my way of thinking falls squarely into the realm of, “none of your business”. I wouldn’t call gun control a “moral” issue- but the same can be said for that argument, as well.

So, to clarify my stance on these things- if they get brought up, I’m highly disinclined to give them any audience at all, in the first place. If the nature of the comment and ensuing discussion remains civil and adult- I may let it stay. There are some instances where they’d be relevant. If it’s totally irrelevant- it’s just not happening. I’m tired of people seeing any and all things as a perfectly acceptable reason to launch into whatever foaming at the mouth verbal diarrhea they happen to subscribe to and feel completely entitled to push on others.

The thing is, there are a number of political and personal things that do in fact, have relevance to this sort of community. They SHOULD be discussed and disagreed upon.

That doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk about it, to anyone.

Though I readily bust out an anecdote or personal belief on some things- the fact is, others, well, they’re nobody’s business but mine. Same can be said for how I view your lives- and your choices. I think a bit of respect for that goes a very long way.

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