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How To Make Your Own Butter

So, let me first start by saying that we end up doing these things purely because we have a tendency to forget to pick stuff up, and I get all stubborn about it, insist I’ll do it myself.

This did not turn out so well with the mayo. Kurt says it did, but I wasn’t pleased with the consistency. I will be doing that again, until I get it right.

I like doing things like this, because I love knowing exactly what is in my food, and plus, there’s something really empowering about not being dependent on “the store”, whatever the store may be.

So, this morning, when I was making breakfast and realized we were out of butter, I thought, “Okay, everyone says this is easy.”

It is. I don’t think it’d be a really cost-effective way of doing things, the price of the cream being what it is and all, but, if it’s worth it to you- the butter you make is definitely better tasting. So, at-home butter making is probably not so much a frugal thing, unless you have cows. (Or goats? Would goat butter be gross? I like goat cheese, but I can admit it’s a little strong.)

So, first things first, the supplies.


Heavy whipping cream. Now, if you’re just doing it on the fly like I did, just to have a little bit for your toast or whatever- you don’t need very much. I used about a cup and a half. From what I’d read- you get about half as much butter as the amount of cream you use, so plan accordingly. So, say you use about a quart of cream, you’ll end up with about a pound of butter, leaving 2 cups of buttermilk.

I’ve got this really awesome hand-crank food processor, which is what I used to do this.


You can definitely use an electric beater, but honestly, it wasn’t necessary. Someone on FB mentioned using a jar and shake method, but I wondered about the separation factor.


It starts to get a little chunky like.


At this point, Sprog 2 decided that it must be easy. I guess I made it look easy. He went to try…

And, once we were finished, I asked him the question I always ask, “So, what did you learn from this?”
“Not to make Mom so mad she hits.”

….eeeeerp. Not exactly what I was going for there, kiddo. (I don’t hit. LOL)

Now, I HAVE to work on making my own bread. Thus far, all of my attempts have been sad. I make terrific pitas and pizza dough, though.

And, it was a definite win.

In terms of making your own, I think this was so far, my favorite- awesomely easy and has a wealth of possibilities in terms of what you could add to it. The cogs and gears are already whirring. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. looks fun. I may have to try it sometime. For bread, depending on the bread you want. There is a pretty easy no fail artisan bread recipe that can be manipulated for pretty much anything such as pizza dough or cinnamon buns depending on what you are doing with it that I have used in the past. The only problem I had was making french bread with it and I think really that was due to wanting it for garlic bread for spaghetti and we didn't wait for it to get old or do the twice bake so it is crunchy thing. Anyway, I bought their book, but they have a website with the basic ingredient. this is the book: is the website: don't know if that will help if you are going for a basic sandwich bread, but I like bread a lot so you know pretzels and whatnotery could be just as good. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Oh man, THANK YOU! I have a tendency to blow up bread machines. I don't know how it happens, but I thought since I had such issues with "by hand" that'd be the way to go. It wasn't. LOL …I've been wanting to try pretzels for an age now.


  3. Proof your yeast first before you pitch it, if you're already doing that, knead. You need to knead for about ten minutes at least to build the gluten(gasp) which is what holds the co2 from the yeast to have your bread rise. Flower your hands, fold the dough, press down with you palms, turn the dough, fold again and so on and so forth. You can do it. And if you can't the next time you cross my doorstep, I'll show you.


  4. I found a bread recipe from better homes and gardens new cookbook bridal edition and followed it and I make really good loaves of white bread from it, look up the recipe its the best bread ever, now im going to try the butter too this is great, and my spinning wheels have landed me on homemade mozzarella cheese, its my newest venture


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