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DIY Kids’ Project: Solar Rotissery From an Oatmeal Box

I swear next time I do a DIY post, I will take lots of pictures. My biggest issue is, I usually get a bug up my butt and do this stuff on the fly. I keep forgetting that now, these little random things I do can become blog-fodder. Ah, well. I originally came up with this idea in a kinda weird situation- outside hiking, among bits of litter in the woods, tin cans- caught a fish and…uh, yeah, it’s kinda like this:

I have since come up with ways, ah, less on the fly. You can, too.



To do this project, you’re going to need:

Safe black paint, or a big piece of black paper

An empty box. You know what works well for this?

The cylindrical oatmeal containers. You can also use those plastic coffee containers- but I get that not everyone’s got a million of those things just laying around like we do. If you do, though- better uses can be found all over the ‘net. You can honestly use any box or container that is made with relatively stiff cardboard.

A big piece of aluminum foil

Food you’re cooking on a stick.

A mirror


A thin dowel, a shishkabob stick, a fondue poker, something long enough to go through your container (Uh, how do you spell shish-ka-bob?) We usually use something long enough that you can prop it up on the two ends, either using Y sticks or rocks.


What You Do:

Cut a rectangular “window” into the long side of your container- you want to leave some space on either side- just a small window. Stick the little mirror in there, kind of line it up. (You don’t really need the mirror- we’ve done it fine without.)

Cover your container with dark paper, paint it, whatever

Poke a small hole in the end, use your stick to do this

Poke a hole in the other end, or the lid- if you’re using a container that doesn’t open at the end, you need to work it so you can fit your stick, complete with whatever you’re loading it up with into it, but so it stays stable.

Put all the food on the stick, pop that thing into a sunny space. How long it takes to cook varies depending on what kind of food you’re using- but, this is always a fun way to make lunch.





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