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Punk’s not dead. It fell on its butt, jumped back up with a shovel in hand.

There will be swearing. Just a head’s up, there. This isn’t really an angry rant, but it may sound like it. It’s more of a “I’m laughing at you narrow negative nancies who can’t stop whining long enough to get up and DO something, because you seem to think injecting your bullshit into those who ARE is a worthy cause.” And, in that, ya’ll can piss up a rope and light ‘er on fire.

I’m not talking about the musical genre, I’m talking about the attitude, maaaaan.
(I can’t even type the accent and tone Kurt was using when he was laughing at my ranting over coffee this morning. “It’s the music industry maaaaan, punk’s not a business, it’s a way of life maaan.” Dang. I wish I could.)

It seems like every day I will be reading a post by someone, and BAM, some mealy mouthed turd feels like he or she has to spout, “punk’s DEAD, man.” like some kinda hipster dick who believes that being a total douche to other people is just the most awesome thing in the world.

You know what? I’ll admit the embarrassing- I love me some Type O Negative. I loved Tard the Grumpy Cat. I tend more dark-humor: but you people need to sit down and shut the fuck up.

First, let me say- and you know, I fully admit that I could be just going on my own experience here, but every time I have seen this statement made: it’s by someone in the US. Let me educate you on your narrow world view- if we ARE going on music alone, and you’re going with the US? Hang it up. You suck. You just do. Because, believe it or not, America Is Not The World. (Mozzer. MOZZER! *cough*) Respective of what most of you “oh so jaded” and “tragic” types like to attempt pointing out? The punk scene in the Middle East has been an absolutely thriving underground political machine.

And here in the states, it’s becoming that way again.

Me? I am only 34, so take it for what its worth. I have had my ass beat at more than one Rancid show, sure, but when you boil it down, what’s the point of it all?

Rebellion? Change? The voice of …whatever? Right. Look around you. Most of these pages wherein I have seen these little brain-broccoli farts have been one of the Punk Rock Homesteader pages. What are these pages doing?

And what are you doing?

Because if you’re sitting on your ass doing diddly squat apart from telling people what is and what is not whatever genre, bawling in your PBR while twirling your scarf about punk being dead:

Gotta tell you, honey, you’re about as punk as a frilly pink baby bonnet. Far be it from me to define that, but, if you have opened your eyes a bit, it isn’t that punk died. It took a nap. Then it woke up, grabbed both information and farming implements, and it got its ass to work. So should you.

Screaming about politics, society and all that shit, right? Well,

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