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Update on the teabag planting experiment.

So, to take a break in the wine series, I’m going to update you on how the tea bag planting experiment went.

We only got ONE teabag to encourage a sprout, but holy moly did it ever.

I was reminded of this, this morning when reading another blog- Military Zero Waste. Her post, Mother’s Milk Tea just so happened to link up to our post on the experiment. She talks about how Mother’s Milk Tea has compostable paper, which, yes, is awesome.

Mother’s Milk Tea, for the unitiated, may be an acquired taste. I never acquired it, but I hate black licorice and it tastes quite strongly of it- now, if it tasted like red, I’d be good to go: I am a little obsessed with Red Vines, for better or worse. It’s a vice. It did, however, seem to help give my supply a little boost. More than that, though?

Not only was it the only one to sprout, the tomato plant it produced is head and shoulders about the others planted at the same time. These are Baker Creek Rutgar’s Tomatoes– and, I have been having a heck of a time this year due to the cold and frequent rain. Couple things to note- this is probably entirely coincidental, but they are now both in the same soil. The one was started in a Mother’s Milk Teabag, the other, in a random flower pot- because I have a ton of random flower pots, so I use those to start some seeds.

Here’s the one that was started in the soil, just as is:


And, here’s the Mother’s Milk starter, transplanted into that same soil:


I used Twinning’s Earl Grey, Mother’s Milk, Bigalow’s and Tazo.
Tazo was a bust, that one molded like crazy.
The others just didn’t do anything.
I was going to save my Sleepytime bags, then I find out that my very favorite night time tea? Has freaking pesticides in it. Maybe the others do, as well, I don’t know, but that’s the big thing here lately and eeeeeew. (Come on. Please don’t let there be anything bad about Twinnings. I love it so. I will cry. A lot.)

So, there you have it. Mother’s Milk Tea- tastes like butt, yet good for your tomatoes and has a compostable bag.

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  1. This post made me laugh! It may taste like butt, but it's good for your tomatoes! The next time we plant anything, it is going in the teabags. We also like twinings so hopefully like you said, there's nothing bad in those. Can't imagine there would be. I mean it's just tea, right? Anyway, thank you so much for the plug, and the update! Was so excited to hear it turned out well, if only with one teabag. Mother's milk tea, it is.


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